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10-24-2006 11:59 PM  13 years ago
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••🚁Helicopter e-Blade
DD tail motor 📷 ( page 1 2 )
biggame121 25 1701 10-27-2006 01:24 AM


Ft Wayne, IN

Copperclad, where did you get the extension for your dd tail motor. Is that the hub you mentioned. I like that setup, it looks good and solid.

I just lost mine, not much damage but the tail tapped some pebbles when taking off, just enough to make that stupid rubber hose slide a little bit and the tail blade started slipping, heli spinning, great fun. Not a lot of damage, but darn it when it is all set up and flying real nice, and now it has a little shake, thats just to much frustration. I want a solid tail mount.

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