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04-27-2002 03:35 AM  16 years agoPost 1


San Francisco and LA

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OK here's the deal...
I got a Nexus 30 (I know I know but I didn't want to be too upset if I crashed after 20 seconds)
It was an ARF so Im confident that the engine etc. were put together correctly. All I had to do was put together and mount the control linkages and the tail (which were all exactly the same length)

I was pretty nervous when I went into the back yard to fire it up for the very first time so I put a piece of wood through the skids with a brick on each side.

THE PROBLEMS: (if there is one)

The engine started when I had the stick at about 3/4 the way up.

When the blades got spinning at a little under 3/4 throttle the chopper wobbled and bounced a little.
(I balanced the blades but I don't think I did the CG correctly)

When I was at full throttle everything got steady though.


The tail rotor stopped spinning when I hit the rudder stick but I'm pretty sure that's a mounting error.

The engine would cut out if I put the stick at 1/2 way Is that right?

When I pushed the cyclic forward it would tilt forward but also a little to the side.

Any help would be great.
If any of you guys happen to live in the Bay Area that would be even better!

THanks guys.

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04-27-2002 03:59 AM  16 years agoPost 2


Cedar Rapids, IA. (In my own little world)

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Don't take this the wrong way, but from what you've described you've got an accident waiting to happen.

First of all, you can go to the R/C Heli Pilot Locator an search for other pilots in your area. Since you live in San Francisco you shouldn't have a problem finding one. You could also visit your Local Hobby Shops (LHS), they should be able to direct you to some R/C Clubs in your area where you might find some help. The link is:

It IS possible to learn on your own (I've done/doing it), if you are willing to invest the time and money to do so. The first thing you need to get is a simulator. I have Realflight G2 and it's worth its weight in gold. If you don't have a computer that'll handle G2's system requirements, there are less hardware intensive sims out there (Realflight Deluxe, CSM) which also cost less money (G2 runs $150+, but well worth every penny, IMO).
Another invaluable asset is Ray's Authoritative Helicopter Manual. It will help you get the heli, radio, and other equipment built and/or set-up properly. It costs about $20 and you can get it from Rick's ( ).

You will also need to invest or build a set of training gear. I bought the Roto-Pod Deluxe and it works great and its design helps cushion the hard landings you'll make when starting to hover. You can also build your own; many here recommend two wood dowels in an X shape with a hula hoop zip-tied to the ends. Training gear will help prevent a tipover when you make a hard/moving landing. Go to this link and click on the video to see what I'm talking about...

One last thing, welcome aboard RunRyder!! If you have a thick skin and a good sense of humor, there are a LOT of really good heli pilots here with tons of good info to share...don't be afraid to ask!

Good Luck,


04-27-2002 08:21 AM  16 years agoPost 3


San Francisco and LA

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hey Mike,
well judging from the fast response to my question I think I'll stick around on this message board

I'll check out the URLs you sent me and I actually DO have training gear.

just one more quick question:

When the engine is idling where, approx., should the throttle stick be on my radio?

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04-27-2002 08:36 AM  16 years agoPost 4


Waterloo, Iowa - USA

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With the engine not running, take a look at your carburator, and see where the arm is at relative to your stick position. OS carbs are marked to show where idle is at, usually around 1/2 open. You want the carb to have a range of (idle) to (90-100%) when your stick travels between (0%) and (100%). You should be able to start the engine with the stick at or very near bottom. From your description, your linkages and ATV's are nowhere near right, and you're going to have to do some serious adjustments before it's flight-worthy.

I would recommend getting a copy of Ray's Authoritative Helicopter Manual. It's the best $20 you'll spend on your heli, and will walk you through complete installation and setup of your radio, including getting your linkages and ATV's set correctly. (plus a LOT more) Radio setup's about two chapters of the book, and I don't feel like typing that much right now, so go get the book.

> #2 The tail rotor stopped spinning when I hit the rudder stick
> but I'm pretty sure that's a mounting error.

eek! Be sure you have someone you trust with helis make a careful inspection before you take your first practice hovers! A problem like #2 will do all kinds of damage if you try to fly.

04-27-2002 08:39 AM  16 years agoPost 5


San Francisco and LA

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Thanks guys

I just got done checking out the pilot locator and I sent emails to 4 guys who love near me so I'll keep you updated.

Oh yeah, Virtual1, I just ordered that book too

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