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Marietta, GA

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I've got an old concept 30. Has anyone used a hh gyro on the wire drive tail?

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rrElite Veteran

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Wire drive?
I'm using a Telebee 703 (for standard not very fast) on my Nexus with a wire drive, it works not bad,but, I haven't pushed it very hard. I believe that it will not be very good for 3-D type of flying, the reason?
The wire drive tends to "wind up" like a spring, that causes the gyro to constantly "try" to keep up with the wire loading and unloading, I'm not having a problem because I'm using a standard servo that is slow anyway. I think if I was using the 701 (for faster servos) or any other heading hold type gyro the wind-up problem would be more pronounced and would not work very well.

So in long winded way IMO, I'm saying you would be better off using a heading hold gyro with a belt or tube drive instead.

04-27-2002 01:28 AM  16 years agoPost 3


greenfield. wi.

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wire drive
im using 401 with 9253 and wire drive its not the best but it works ..concept 30 sx..

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