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Gaui NX7 sale
Hello all, here I have a Gaui NX7 airframe with or without the listed items in the categories below. I am the second owner of this airframe. I am pricing to sell quick on all items. However, the airframe and engine MUST go together. I just do not want to finagle the engine out since Gaui screws and bolts are finicky.

-The airframe is in decent condition. The canopy is in fair condition, the main gear has one tooth missing (never had an issue), never crashed, and just the usual wear on the airframe. Maybe the one way clutch bearing may need replaced.
-Engine: YS96SRX Tareq and I have not had much luck with any YS engine. Recently it was rebuilt with everything new internally. However the piston has a chip out of it on the exhaust side. The matching pipe is in great condition.
Airframe and Engine/pipe only: $400 + $60 shipping.
Airframe, engine/pipe, Ikon fbl unit: $500 + $60 shipping
Airframe, engine/pipe, regulator: $530 + $60 shipping.
Airframe, engine/pipe, Ikon, and regulator: $575 + $60 shipping.

What is not included:
Servos, main and tail blades, receiver, push glow igniter.

Prices are very firm!

HeliDirect Field Rep, Synergy N7 w/ OS 105, Torq Servos, Cyclone/ Rail blades
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