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Wiplash v2 gasser
Hello guys I have a nice wiplash v2. Gasser for sale. I bought this used about two weeks ago from a member on another site. And he bought it 4 months ago new I thought I would like to try gas again but to be honest its not my thing to noisy for me anymore been flying electrics for along time now and I'm just going to stay with them . So I am willing to sell this in 3 ways .

Wiplash v2 gph / obr 310 motor mstuido pipe align beastx plus version 5.1 and kst servos no blades. I used the one's off my electric 700 to see if I was going to liked this heli before I bought blades for it and I dont care for it .

1. ) Air frame with motor and pipe. $1,350 plus pp fees

2.) Air frame motor and pipe and nib Align beastx plus version 5.1 $1,450 plus pp fees

3. ) Air frame motor and pipe beastx plus and 3 new kst 915 hv cyclic and new 805 hv on the tail. With two test hovers on them setting up the gyro I had on it. $1,650 plus pp fees.

These pictures are from the previous owner that sent them to me when I bought it but I will take some more pictures of it all and replace these showing the kst servos and the new in the box gyro. Tomorrow as it is late now

But if you are interested or have any questions please feel free to pm me and thank s for looking

 1 page 61 views Post Reply

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