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Major clean out back to school engines helis everything
No I am not getting out of Rc Helicopters I just have way to much stuff and it will not fit in my dorm I have tried it’s impossible lol. Condensing down to a few helis and gonna focus on that rather than collecting!

TEXT IS BEST 469-588-6026

Everything is for sale since I can’t post over 100 photos on this add I will have to send you the individual pictures for the items you are interested in sorry I know it sucks!

Engines For Sale (Nitro)
* Os 50 hyper- $100 obo has new bearings ring is in good shape its ready to rip had a full rebuild
* Evolution .52 Heli- $75 obo brand new never seen a drop of fuel not a bad motor.
* Thunder tiger Pro 39h (R) XC2- $75 OBO brand new in sealed box with original decals etc
* Thunder tiger 36 hz- $50 OBO looks like it has been run but almost new
* Magnum Pro SE 36- $75 OBO Brand new but not in box motor has not been run.
* Os 32 HZ- $80 OBO brand new but not in box motor has not seen drop of fuel.
Mufflers “PIPES” For Sale (Nitro)
* Funtech Webra .50 muffler- $40 brand new
* Revolution 50-55 muffler- $70 has been run no digs or scratches comes with gasket and gasket spacer
* Hirobo Shuttle Muffler for 30- $10 obo used
* Kyosho Nexus Muffler for 30-$10 obo used

Electronics For Sale
* Yep 120a esc-$75 brand new
* Yep Feild Program card- $10 new
* 3x-Promodler DS270DLHV Standard -$110 NEW
* 1x-Promodler DS90DLHV Standard- $25 NEW
* 2x- Align Ds615s Corless mini servo- $100 NEW
* 3x-Gaui gs511 Corless mini- $50 used
* 3x- Gaui gs518. Corless mini- $50 used
* 3x- Align DS610MG Corless Standard- $90 used
* Switch Glo Pro-$40 used
* Trex 250 size brushless motors- $20 used
* Trex 450 motors-$20 used
* Brick 50a Esc-$10 used
* Hobbyking esc 50a- $15 used
* Hobbyking Gyro-$10 used
* Align Tail gyro-$25 used
* GWS PG-03 Piezo Gyro- $20 Brand NEW
* 2x- Torque master 120s- 30 EACH USED
* 1x- Hobbico HV starter with cone- $40 EACH USED
* 2x Kavan mini hand held starter with cones-$35 EACH USED
* 1x Align super starter-$100 ALMOST NEW
* Hobbico electric fuel pump- $15 used powered by lips
* Glow igniters “hot shots quick sticks metered igniters dubro igniters” -$20 to $30 each
* Orange Rx Dsmx 10 channel Rx- $15 each new
* Cracked Series From Twisted Hobbies 10ch Dsmx Dsm2 Rx- $25 each new
Blades For Sale Main And Tail
* Rjx 325mm mains- Used $20
* Align 385 black- $25 new
* Align 325 black- $25 new
* Align 325 blue-$20 new
* Switch 690mm mains- Almost new -$75
* Halo 105mm tail- New $30
* Halo 95mm tail- New $25
* KBDD 430mm Lime Mains- $30 New
* Lynx Carbon 210 for x2-$15 New
* Gaui 425mm Mains- $40 New
* Align Glass 420mm mains- $35 New
* PRO 3D 420mm FBL carbon- $35 New
* TH Hobby 420mm FBL carbon-$35 New
* Rail Blades 716 mains - $100 Almost new
* Rail 696 mains - $75 New
* Rail 626 mains - $70 New
* Switch 105mm Tail- $40 new
* Switch 115mm Tail- $30 used
* Switch 86mm Tail- $20 used
* Align 450 size tail blades- $5 new
* Align 450 size tail blades -$5 new
* Oxy 3 Tail blades-$9 new
* SAB 115mm tail blades- $15 new

Helis For Sale
Items below are for sale each item has a detailed description so you know exactly what you buying.I can add Fbl units if requested I currently have ikon 1s ikon 2s brain 1s and a few mini vbars and of course beastx systems.

Gaui X2 V2- $350 OBO
* Gs-093 metal gear HV on cyclic
* Gs-095 metal gear HV on tail
* Ge-221 22a Esc
* Scorpion “Gaui” gm-202 3800kv motor
* 2x- Gaui 900 mah 3s lips new
* 2x- 850mah 3s lipo
* Gaui “Halo” Blades on main and on tail
* Bunch of extra parts including screw set, tail booms, tail belt, frame set, rudder gear to many parts to name haha.
Gaui X5 Formula- $550 OBO comes with batteries
* Align ds615 on cyclic
* Savox Mg on tail
* Scorpion Gaui motor
* Yep 120a Esc
* Yep 120a Esc Program card
* New formula blue green canopy
* Kbdd 500mm main blades
* Kbdd 82mm tail blades
* Bunch of parts for the heli included screw sets booms etc.
Gaui X4II Brand NEW build- $575 OBO comes with batteries
* Gaui gs-511 metal gear on cyclic
* Align ds535m Hv on tail
* Scorpion “Gaui” motor
* Castle 75a esc phoniex
* Castle field program card
* KBDD 430mm main blades
* KBDD 72mm on tail green
* Bunch of parts for the heli included screw sets booms etc.
* 2x 6s 2200mah lipos in storage mode have 1 flight on the batteries each
Gaui Nx7-$975 obo Ready To Go With enough parts to build 4-5 more complete Helis mostly new parts.
* cyclic servos- protek 250t x3
* Throttle servo- 250t platnium or could swap it to a pro modeler throttle specific
* Rudder servo- Bk hv 8005
* Engine- os 91 hz gold edition new bearings and new piston and sleeve will need to be broke in
* Pipe- hatori special ircha edition from ircha 2017
* Bearings- swapped to boca instead of gaui
* Screws- all protek instead of Gaui’s crappy screws.
* Sats- spektrum x2
* Receiver pack- 1200 3s gens ace
* Governor- xgaurd
* Fan- lynx
* Glow- switch glow pro
* Switch-ms heli
* Main blades- pro 3D yellow 700mm
* Tail- kbdd composite
* Have enough spare parts to build 3 extra complete airfares minus canopies
Assault 700 DFC- $375 OBO
* Turnigy 1258TG Digital Titanium Gear Cyclic Servo
* RotorStar RS-1255TG Digital Metal Gear Tail Servo
* RotorStar RS700-530KV Brushless Out-runner Motor
* YEP 120A-HV Brushless ESC
* YEP Program card
* Pro 3D 700mm Main Blades
* 105mm Composite Tail Blades
* BRAND NEW Assault 700 dfc green canopy
* Heli still needs to be finished out it is currently just an airframe I can sell it as just an airframe or with all of the “HOBBYKING” brand electronics they are perfectly fine electronics I have never had an issues running the hobby king stuff.
Assault 700 DFC Complete Align 700 DFC X Upgrade Entire Model Basically a Trex 700- $450 OBO
* Align 850MX Dominator (490 Kv) Motor
* Align Corless “Blue Ones” DS610MG on cyclic
* Tail servo your choice Align or Savox or the new BK if you pay extra.
* YEP 120A-HV Brushless ESC
* YEP Program card
* Switch Blades 690 mm Main Blades
* Align 106mm Carbon 3K tail blades
* BRAND NEW Assault 700 dfc green canopy
* Align 700x carbon tail boom
* Align 700x carbon fiber tail push rod
* Align 700x landing gear set
* Align 700x swash with upgraded linkage set
* Align 700 DFC Rotary head assembly
* Align 700x main shaft and mast collar
* Align 700x main gear set
Align 300x DFC - $265 OBO
* T-REX 300X Helicopter
* Set of 230 Carbon Fiber Blades
* Set of 50 Tail Blade
* RCE-BL25A 25 Brushless ESC
* 300MX Brushless Motor (3700KV/2216)
* DS450 HV Digital servo
* Align HV Digital Tail servo
* 2 extra battery mounts carbon
* 2 NEW Align 3S1P 11.1V 1300Mah/30C
Align 250 DFC - $250 OBO
* Has cyclic servos they will need to be centered and all of that fun stuff come with batteries does not have a tail servo.
* Has enough parts that come with it to build at least 11 more complete 250s blades everything
* 5-6 canopies included in various shape some new some not so great.
For sale items I am not getting out of Helis just down sizing to focus more on flying and not so much on collecting. Buyer pays shipping. I only accept PayPal. All machines will have to be shipped with booms off boom braces off and skids. I do this so that every thing comes to you in great shape. If it is nitro the motor will be cleaned before hand and “After Run” oil will be added the engine to make sure it stays nice and fresh for you. All machines are well maintained and even if it says “RTF” you will still need to go through the machine and make sure it 100% to your standards and is set up for your flying style. Do to the nature of this hobby there is absolutely NO returns.
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Los Angeles CA 90044

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I’m interested in the switch glow
Can you ship the Switch glow for your asking prize to Hawthorne California 90250
NEW  08-27-2021 03:00 PM  26 days ago


Belmont, WI

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im interested in the 91 gold edition and ircha pipe.. pm me, thanks.Never go Full Retard!
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