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it's story time.
my friend was a real tough guy back in his younger years, at 10 he could pick up a 4 cylinder Renault engine and he is not at all a big guy! his strength all can from his mind. his father and brother would fight him, rolling around on the floor fighting with him. that all stopped in that last fight because my friend won that fight, his father and brother got up and ran, he was 10y.o. he said it was all because I was there to watch. and that was the first time I ever went to his house. well in his early 20s he worked at a spring shop, he would replace the springs on 18 wheelers, pick-up and cars.

well he had a firstG Bronco. 70, 71 ???. and he lifted it and put 35" sneakers on it. I had my 47 Willys with 32" on it. we went 4 wheeling and he turned very sharply at the top of a hill to go down it's steep side and the Bronco went up on 2 wheel and all most rolled over. of course I had to tell him his sneakers were too big and that I will never go bigger than 32"s.

well, you know when big is not big enough you go bigger. or real big. about a week later I stopped at the spring shop. and my god there sat his Bronco with even more lift and 44" Growndhog sneakers. wow that Bronco looked so cool.

so about a week goes by and I stop at my friends house and he and his cosine are standing in the driveway and his cosine had a cast on his arm and there sat the bronco with the whole top wiped clean off and the front finder was all smashed up..

sO,,,, LOL I asked what happen and he said he was up on an old dirt road and his cosine said "go that way" and so my friend whipped the steering wheel to the left real fast and the Bronco went sideways and flipped.
my friend then said "it's no biggy.

the Punch Line;
his cosine with his arm in the cast says>>>> "no biggy for you"
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