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03-22-2021 12:54 PM  23 days ago
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NX10 anyone..
So.. since my JR 9503 is getting pretty long in the tooth and I had a 10% off coupon from Helidirect I dropped the hammer one one.There seems to be not much info on forums and YT about setting up Heli's with this radio so I thought I would share my thoughts..I'm old school..these new radios are kinda hard to figure out; the manual which is about 1/2" thick has a total of two pages about heli setup and really doesn't tell you much! Number one: Do calibrate the radio before you start to program your model!; Number two:for most Heli's choose "normal" for swashplate type..(I chose 3-servo 120 degrees" and the combination of these two screwups cost me about 3 Hrs. of hair pulling frustration.. I tried every conceivable switch reversal to try to get my swash moving correctly..never seen a swash do such crazy things!. I even gave up and re-set my Logo 480 back up in my old radio and was going to send the NX back..anyway after emailing Horizon I got it straightened out..flew the heli yesterday and it flew well; just gonna take awhile to get used to the light weight and ergonomics of the unit. It is so light..very hard to believe there's 500.00 worth of electronics in there!
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03-22-2021 05:07 PM  23 days ago


Jacksonville FL

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If you're using a FBL you set the swash to NORMAL on pretty much any radio. They program much like the DX/IX series so if you have any specific questions, just fire awayAndy
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