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12-06-2020 10:00 PM  4 months ago
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Rave ENV Next-D Parts R7
Rave ENV Next-D Parts R7 will take 230.00 for everything + Shipping or piece by piece

QTY 1 ND-YR7-AS1026 Carbon Main Frame L&R R7-------- 69.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1033 Clutch Bell Set R7---------------17.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1041 Front Canopy Standoff Set R7----- 4.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1042 Rear Canopy Standoff Set R7------ 6.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1069 Main Shaft Bearing Block Set R7--19.00
Qty 2 ND-YR7-AS1077 Flybar Link Set R7 -------------- 4.00ea
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1051 Anti-Rotation Bracket Set R7----- 5.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1027 Carbon Front Frame R7------------19.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1053 Washout "A" Arm R7-------------- 3.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1018 Plastic Center Frame Brace Set R7-6.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1036 Start Shaft R7------------------- 6.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1004 Tail Output Shaft R7-------------13.00
Qty 2 ND-YR7-AS1057 Rotor Head Damper Set R7--------- 3.00
Qty 1 ND-YR7-AS1038 Front Radio Tray Set R7----------12.00
Qty 2 ND-YR7-AS1023 Plastic Lower Frame Set R7------- 6.00
Qty 2 ND-YR7-AS1064 Flybar 500mm R7------------------14.00ea
Qty 2 ND-YR7-AS1045 Main Shaft R7 -------------------19.00ea

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01-15-2021 04:09 AM  3 months ago



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Hey excuse my ignorance but are all these parts for the rave 700?
I need some spares for my nitro rave. I’d like to have an extra starter shaft/hex starter main shaft, skids etc... please PM me if they will fit. I’m not sure what the r7 is???
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