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11-03-2020 03:53 PM  5 months ago
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Ec155 Fenestron unit
Been a long time since i posted here on RR . good to be back ..
I'm looking to buy my first scale heli after 10 yrs of 3d .
I'm looking at buying a large 1/6 scale Len Mount ec155 .
the only thing that's putting me off is the fenestron drive unit and how much trouble they are to setup correctly . I have searched here and found a good discussion on the ec155 ec135 fenestron units . some people said good success and others had bad experiences . turbine runners .
it's a 29cc gasser version running a vario benzene mechanics.
its fitted with a 2 blade head but does come with vario 5 blade head .
people mentioned high torque rudder servos .
just wondering what more experienced models think about the setup of 1 .. should I just stick with a 2 blade conventional heli of the same shape .. Bell 222 700 size ..

thanks guys
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11-03-2020 09:07 PM  5 months ago

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Eau Claire WI

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I have never setup or flew a fenny.. BUT... to me..

IF, you are thinking about flying scale YOU will have your least frustration with a 2 blade straight tail helicopter. AND.. you will find that his type of helicopter becomes your "everyday machine".

Next would be multi blade stright tail
then.. multi blade up tail..or.. slip your fenny style machine in here if you wish!

AFTER you have adjusted to this type of flying THEN venture off into a more "challenging" machine.

Michael J Zaborowski
Futaba USA
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11-04-2020 06:09 PM  5 months ago
Peter Wales

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Orlando Fl

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If you want a reliable helicopter with a fully working fenestron, consider the hirobo dauphin. An electric conversion is available. I have the EC120 version and it flies great, a nice straight forward build. Chuck Birt at Peak aircraft can probably get one and I know of other distributors overseas, but am unsure of delivery times due Covid. There is a build up of mine on my web page

I just noticed you are in England. Try or midland helicopters
Peter Wales
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HomeScale✈️AircraftScale HeliScale Helicopter Main Discussion › Ec155 Fenestron unit

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