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10-25-2020 09:59 AM  5 months ago
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Ultraguard 430
Optipower ultraguard 430
Hoj bought a ultraguard 430 , it works ok but gets really hot. There is s small coil (black) on board who gets very hot and the board you can not take in your hands due the high temperature . I Use it with optipower battery as default en tribunus bec in fbl controller . Is This normal with these things ?
10-25-2020 09:07 PM  5 months ago

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According with this link below, there is nothing to worry about.
To minimize this thing, I recommend to run your system with backup battery fully charged. So, your gadget is going to be operating "fresh".

That is, if you need to charge your batteries, on your helis is not the best place. Always charge your batteries in a safe place, outside the helicopter.

The backup battery must run fully charged, so no more stress for your ULTRAGUARD 430. This gadget is going to charge with minimal "amp" and no more high temps on board.

Frequent Asked Questions

My Ultra Guard get quite hot is this usual?
There parts get hot during charging. The temp with around 65°c is nothing to worry about. The board has an over-temp protection of 80°c. However it also depends a little bit on mounting position and environment temps. The board is absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about.

Saludos cordiales,
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