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09-21-2020 03:40 AM  6 months ago
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MVVS 35cc gasser F/S
this MVVS 35cc gasser is in great shape. it was broken-in on the bench for 1.5 gallons, and the engine has a total of 2.4 gallons run thew it.
the reason why I am selling it is that I have not flown for a few years so I am sticking with smaller planes.

this engine comes with the H9 metal rail engine mount and stock ignition.
the MVVS 35cc gasser's power is on par to the better grade Chines made 40cc gassers engine. notice the size of it's Carb. it will turn a 3W 20x8 at 7,200 tuned for flight, and turn a Zinger Pro 20x8 at 7,500 tuned for flight.
this engine is a Ringed, Liner engine. it has has a replaceable ground Cylinder Liner (not cross hatched) and the Piston still has most of it's coating on it.

it's Carb has an automatic Choke, you simply set the choke to 1/4 open and when the engine starts you blip the throttle and the Choke will automatically open without touching it. no linkage is need to operate it.

I have $480 invested in it (less shipping). I want $375, I will pay the shipping and insure it, and send it priority mail.

my investment.
Engine,,, $450
LOL now add what I paid for shipping LOL

sorry, but note that I have to get a postal money order. my PP account was hacked so I had to close it!

ask me what you need to, or make an offer

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