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06-29-2020 09:56 PM  8 months ago
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Jim Cimino

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Is Graupner going to produce anymore radios?
Does anyone know if they are planning on making their radios available again? I know everyone is behind since the pandemic, but no one has any transmitters and their website is all but useless. I sent them an email but did not receive a response.
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06-30-2020 08:17 AM  7 months ago


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I thought that they had closed permanently about a year ago?
06-30-2020 04:32 PM  7 months ago


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Out of Europe about a month ago.
Dear Graupner customers,
Since we took over the distribution of Graupner products, we have been working hard to offer you the popular HoTT products and professional service. Our way is to communicate honestly and fairly with our customers, which is why we now provide you with the latest information:
What is the current situation?
Graupner is currently undergoing extensive restructuring. The new production facility in Korea has already started operation and is producing remote controls and receivers again. Unfortunately, the number of pieces produced is not yet sufficient to cover the entire retail trade. So far, we have purchased the goods by expensive airfreight, but because of the immense demand, from the customer's point of view, the goods seem to "evaporate" and web shop lights are red again after a few days. The plan is to return to the usual availability of HoTT handheld transmitters, desk transmitters and receivers in specialist shops from late summer.
What is planned in 2020?
After the transmitter and receiver are available in sufficient quantities on the European market, the next step is to produce servos, controllers and telemetry accessories. At the moment, an expected delivery date cannot be foreseen because the production, due to the current special situation, is heavily dependent on suppliers and availability of raw materials. If everything goes according to plan, the core electronic range will be fully and sufficiently available this year. These include hand-held transmitters, desk transmitters, receivers, servos, controllers, telemetry sensors and remote control accessories such as batteries, switches, etc.
In addition, product updates and upgrades are currently being worked on. However, many developers at Graupner currently have to help out in other areas, which means that the completion will take some time. Due to the major restructuring, new, innovative Graupner product developments are not expected until 2021.
Will there be a Graupner service in Germany?
We can now give many unsettled and sometimes angry customers an answer: Yes!
On July 1, 2020, the Graupner Service Center Germany opens its gates, with which you can call on a direct contact person for repairs and services, as well as competent telephone support. We are currently making the final preparations to meet your and our demands for reliable and professional service. Further information as well as the publication of the contact details and the website address will follow shortly before the opening of the center.
We ask for your patience
We are happy to be part of the loyal and committed Graupner community. In order to meet the demands of the Graupner brand and the demands of the many users, we would like to hold back the information that we will take over the distribution of Graupner in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands until June.
Since we had been in talks with Graupner since the end of 2019, we would have had more time to create the necessary structures and then be able to present the completed facts to you. However, since the bankruptcy of Graupner Germany caused a lot of unrest and, above all, uncertainty in the community, we decided to inform you immediately about the takeover and thus the continued existence of the Graupner brand. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience, as this transition has taken a lot of time and work. Now we are close to being able to offer you worry-free product availability and the usual good service.
If you have any questions or problems by then, we are happy to help you by phone or email.
Thank you for your understanding!
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