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05-07-2020 11:14 PM  9 months ago
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Getting back to the hobby. Need some advice
Hi Guys,
I have been out of the hobby about 5 years.
Lately I have been feeling the urge to start again mostly because the kids are slightly older now and I can find some more free time.
Thing is I have forgotten
Pretty sure I can fly again (won't do any inverted at the moment) but everything else is gone.

I still have an old 550 (great size) and while I was in the hobby I've had, trex600 / trex 700 / both electric,
and I had also nitros ( Align / Whiplhash, etc ), similar sizes.
But as far, as setting up, charging, electronics etc, I must admit I need a crash course again.

So I was thinking of getting a small size combo like a trex 450 just so I get to build from scratch again and setup so I can remember.
But now I see there is a 470 available (currently sitting on a cart ,lol) and my first question is this a right choice ?

I like Align helis, I think it would be cheap enough to get me through the trials, although I am not sure how in love I'd be with the size as I find a 550's size just perfect. Large enough to see, cheap enough to repair.
What are your thoughts on that course of action ?

BTW, I know I still have my 550 and some might say just go and fly, but the idea behind this is to get my building/ setting up skills running again.

Second question : I use to run my JR 9ch with spectrum rx, but mainly vbar with dsmx satellites.
I thought I saw somewhere as I was browsing earlier that a lot has changed now with that.
Do I need to worry about it ? Should I be looking into a possibly new radio ? I never thought about that honestly after all this time.

Anyone has the time possibly to chime in on what's different on radios nowadays ? And maybe offer a suggestion on the subject ?

Man, just thinking about all this again, I start

Thanks in advance.
Trex 550 V-BAR, Trex 700 V-BAR, N5-os55VBAR, TREX700E V-BAR /X9503
05-08-2020 12:44 AM  9 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Punta de Mata, Monagas-Venezuela

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JR is a fine Radio!
So, you can continue using your equipment same way.

You don't miss so much.

550 series is a nice size but I need to tell you... the bigger, the better.

Spektrum things... Well, you were a user so you know its ways...

Align RC helicopter!
Good choice!
More benefits for less cost!

Saludos cordiales,
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Getting back to the hobby. Need some advice

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