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05-07-2020 03:12 AM  10 months ago
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it's Glow Plane story time
well guys I just watched a CL plane on the You Tube. and it reminded me of my friend, the Lucky Guy, I was 10 and he was 11.

the Lucky Guy and his plane
guys, my friend had all the cool toys, he got them I figured because his mother would buy him everything he wanted because his father was in the army and he was always gone. well he had some cool toys. it was NOT that I was jealous of his toys, it was that he had them and he would not play with them, yet he sure would brag about them and show them off.
well the Lucky Guy had the super coolest toy there could be, a Cox P-40, yes that's right, in my young world he had the coolest plane a kid could have, my God the Duke flew one !!, he would always show it to me, and the wouldn't let me hold it for more than 10 seconds, in fact that was the way he was with ALL his stuff, you hold it or look at it for 10 seconds and he take it and put it away.. but that P-40, what a toy. we would talk about how it would look dive-bombing with that loud Cox .049 screaming as it pulled up into a long climb.
well one day I talked him into flying it, yee-up I did LOL. I mean what good is a plane to a 10y.o. kid if you don't fly it, <not a question, a statement there! (see where I'm going with this story guys), it's first flight ever it would be and I would see it. no other kid around even saw a CL plane with an engine in it..
well we went to a field right down the road. just 300ft from his house. we dragged all the stuff down, I set out the control lines very carefully for him so they were not crossed up. he filled the fuel tank with the best stuff, Cox Glow Fuel, in a can it was. he got the engine started, and he leaned the high needle just as the manual reads. and my god once leaned it was very impressive and powerful. after all guys, it must have been highly powerful, cause it was louder than a Harley. in fact I dare to say it was louder than 2 Harleys.

well I had to hand launch it because the grass was too high. and I tell you guys I have to say it was a fantastic launch. that P-40 climbed up and up, and I ran off so I could get a good look at it . as I turned, I could see he leveled it, and with the engine screaming at peak RPM it went straight into the ground with a pow, with plastic cracking and ripping and flying. then, not a sound..

I yelled "what happen", he yelled "I wanted to do a dive-bomb for you"..

the Lucky Guy had that cool Cox P-40 with an engine, a wishful toy for me. and all he want to do was show off with it, I told him on the way home he should have learned to fly before doing a dive bomb..... the end

to add, another reason why he had that plane, he was born in Germany, he would watch people in Germany fly their free flight and CL planes. and his mother told him that once they got back to America she would buy him a CL plane. and she did. and he crashed half way around it's first and only circuit

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