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03-24-2020 03:34 PM  11 days ago


Columbus. Ohio - U.S.A.

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Just my two cents....

Yes the government stepping in is a pain. The problem is that not everyone is as responsible as you or I might be on our own. Stupid people being irresponsible forces the government to intervene. Just look how some irresponsible drone operators have impacted our hobby. I am not saying I'm a fan of government intervention but I also don't want to get corona because some college student felt the need to party with a couple hundred people on Spring Break and then handed me my burger and fries through the drive-thru.

As far as numbers, the statistics here are likely deceptive. The US does not have the resources to even test most people, let alone everyone. Only a limited number of people are getting tested. Do the math for Italy. That is what we are trying to avoid.

A number I heard from our state government(Ohio) is that up to 15% of those over 80 who get the disease will die. Yes most of us are younger and will be fine even if we get the disease. My mom is 83 and I'd prefer she stick around awhile longer.

One of the main reasons for the restrictions is to flatten the curve on the number of new cases so the health care systems can keep up. There will be more cases but if there are too many cases too fast there won't be enough beds, supplies, safety equipment. If we can slow the progression, the supply of medical equipment and available beds can keep up with demand. We aren't going to be able to just stop the virus by stopping things for two weeks but hopefully we can control its advance.

COVID-19 is more contagious and more deadly but it's not going to wipe out the population by any means. This virus will progress. More people will get sick but if we can take precautions, be respectful, and take care of our friends and family we'll all be okay. My advice is disconnect for awhile. We have an opportunity at least to spend some quality time with the immediate family, take some time to get outside and fly or if you can't, work on a model in the workshop.

Remember that if at the end we all say that this was all stupid and nobody even got sick, then maybe, just maybe we actually got it right!

Take care everybody!
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03-24-2020 04:34 PM  11 days ago

rrElite Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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dschertz Why don't you take yourself down to one of the ICU units in a hospital in an area that are having a lot of cases. This is just getting going and Michigan Hospitals are already running out of ventilators.
And you think that would help our situation? Because there are no cases of COVID-19 in my county (or the 6 counties around me), I'll have to rely on you to describe the situation in Michigan. Information I'll need is, are they running out of ventilators because of an overwhelming influx of patients, or is it that the local hospitals were poorly prepared and underfunded from decades of economic decline? Tell me about the people there and their lifestyle. I don't know them but if we really want to drill down to what is happening, we need more than broad brush numbers. Elsewhere you have wrongly concluded I don't care about some particular group. I'll address that later but as we talk about Michigan's situation, I need to know why and who is getting sick. If you are sincere about helping these people, we need to ask, why are the hospitals in Michigan being overwhelmed when there are no reported cases of COVID-19 for the 6 counties around me. (The same question applies to Italy. We'll get to that later.)
dschertz It's very easily spread and while you don't seem to care about you getting sick many are and will.
Hmmm... You are mistaken. I do care if I get sick. In fact much of my writing has been to try and tease out what the actual risk is.
dschertz I've noticed your lack of concern in other posts about those who are high risk.
Again... You are mistaken. You've taken my not unrealistic questions and turned them into an insult. My 88 year old mother-in-law lives 8 minutes down the street in an assisted living home. My father-in-law gets pneumonia every winter and spends 2 weeks in the hospital. Additionally he has COPD. I am very concerned for both of them. If either of them gets COVID-19, it is my belief they won't live to see next Christmas.
dschertz Is it just your natural selection mentality that does that?
It is my refusal to live my life in a padded room and I ask questions because I refuse to be a sheep. Possibly there is a little natural selection thinking involved. I'm not going to tell others how to live their life, but if you make bad life's decisions, it's unlikely you're going to live to 100.
dschertz You seem to be a very selfish person.
I'm inclined to ignore this. It would be pathetic and insincere for me to stomp my foot and announce "people like me" - so I won't. I will say that it amazes me that you came to that wide reaching and insulting conclusion. How could you have possibly concluded I'm a "very selfish person"? Fascinating.
dschertz I'm guessing you would act different if it happened to someone you care about or yourself because healthy people are dying too or is that what you are going to call "fake news?"
Again... This is difficult to respond to because you've begun with the incorrect conclusion I don't care about those that are sick. I care about them and, yes, I care about the people around me too. As for "fake news", I wouldn't put it like that. Possibly you've heard this before but, "There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics." The implication of the adage is that statistics can be less valuable than a damn lie. When you hear a statistic, your ears should go up. There is a very good possibility someone is lying to you. 33,000 cases of COVID-19? Interesting statistic. Logically you should immediately ask many many more questions.
dschertz Ask Italy if it's fake that they are picking people who aren't going to get treatment.
I am sincerely saddened by their plight. Nothing I say from here forward will change that. Now. In order to learn something from Italy we need to know more. Rather than give you my thoughts, let me ask you, why do you think Italy is having such a difficult time with this? Can you give me some ideas? I have some but I'd like to hear yours first.

I've already put too much time into this. I felt the need to respond because almost everything you said was incorrect.

"Well, nothing bad can happen now."
03-24-2020 07:57 PM  11 days ago
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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** this topic is not appropriate for children or adults that act childred **

Everyone is right in their own mind.
Weather or not it’s correct depends on who is interrupting it.

We always want to win, that is why we keep on replying. It’s normal behavior.

To be understood we have to understand. And understanding is what 80% lack. Common sense isn’t built in [those that lack are ones that say: “I don’t know & I don’t care”]

There is no discussion that things are not good in S Korea & Italy.

S Korea handle the problem well b/c they’ve taken it seriously from government to citizen.

Watch at YouTube

Some will say,”Hell no! GOV will track us”

Some will say,”Thats great .. we’re on board”

Some will say,”sure .. whatever”

... NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Same for forum as in life.

Italy has a older population with a close contact culture [lots of kissing & touching] The virus exploded from nursing facility. Started with the older population down to people in 20’s.

This virus has travel around the world and everywhere except Antarctica within 2 months.

Don’t be surprise if it’s in your neighborhood and please be prepared.
03-25-2020 01:47 AM  11 days ago

rrElite Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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In reference to the above... We need to reconcile our response, Korea's response and Japan's. I will be the first to admit that the answers are unknowable at the moment but the question are still valid. Please read the article below. I should point out that the article includes a byline of Hollie McKay/Fox News. Depending on who you trust for your news, you may want to consider the source.
"Well, nothing bad can happen now."
03-25-2020 03:04 AM  11 days ago


Pine Grove, Calif, USA

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Holy smokes! In my original post I was merely trying to lend a little humor into this/my situation. Remaining in my house for whatever reason is god-awful boring.

As to the virus, I personally am far more concerned about getting killed/losing everything due to a forest fire caused by the long standing purposeful negligent behavior of my State controlled public utility (PG&E).
The older I get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
04-03-2020 08:55 PM  1 day ago

rrElite Veteran

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Helitom thanks for the post. It made me smile and think of my days as well. Wayne - Fly it like you stole it! You're in good hands with Runryder!
04-03-2020 10:27 PM  1 day ago

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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Amador County only has 3 reported cases of COVID-19.
My parents, who live in Jackson (down the hill from the OP in Pine Grove) are in the late 80's are scared to go to the Safeway or Ace because of the people that think it is their right to get COVID-19 and hate the government.

While I wholeheartedly endorse your right to kill yourself by what ever means you chose or get sick with a highly contagious deadly virus, I do not endorse your right to pass on your infection to my parents.
I do not support your right to kill yourself by what ever means you chose or get sick with a highly contagious deadly virus and fail to die. Because then you become a burden to the rest of society.

But, I guess that is too simple for some people to comprehend.
I think it may be time for this thread to get moved to the "Off Topic - News & Politics"

I predict that sometime in the next 3 to 6 months, as the COVID-19 deaths start to pile up in a state like Florida, someone will pull out a gun and shoot the guy next to them because they sneezed.
Florida has the "Stand Your Ground" law. And I bet someone there will think that "... sneezing too close to me" a deadly threat and they have no other option.
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Believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear.
Fake News will be the downfall of our Republic!
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