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01-10-2020 07:30 AM  18 months ago
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see my friend Jeff
I went to school with this guy, I was like 2 grades ahead of him. I have not seen him in 6 or so months. he does work for me on my house when I need help. he has been playing since 72 or 73. his older brother got him in to it. his younger brother is a drummer, both brothers are good too. I never met the 2 guys in this video so I can't say who/how they are.
from 86 to 90 I did the mixing for his band (Last Wish), it was a very good band, did all the good heavy stuff from the 70s and early 80s. we plaid a biker bottle club a few times in Manchester NH called the Zoo. it burned down 2 or 3 times and then the bikers would help rebuild it. LOL one time this chick pulled up her shirt for Jeff just 2ft right in front of him and he missed the cord change and I was laughing at him so loud he turned red, LOL funny stuff. one time one of the bikers sent girls to me asking who "John" is, no John in the band !!. LOL well it seems some guy John from another band stole a smoke machine. any hoo, every time we played there the band had a bouncer at the stage that stood there all night,,,, NO one talked to him but us guys in the band, that's because he was crazy and loved to fight, the guy had got cut up a few times..
any ways, Jeff has 3 older CDs that are much heaver than the stuff in the link that he did some 20 years ago, but there are no videos of them. he has mellowed out a bit over the years I guess.

Watch at YouTube

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