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12-08-2019 02:25 PM  5 months ago

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Also, On this small class 30 helicopters, you need to do some work on the canopy posts, cable arrangement, some silicone damper on skids to minimize the shaking thing...

Tracking... Don't forget to check that... It is a consecuence of fail dampers or a bend spindle...

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12-09-2019 04:01 AM  5 months ago


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I usually always try have two identical models so I can swap parts to troubleshoot vibrations.

Since you said you have another identical heli that flies fine, I would simply swap out the entire main shaft, swash plate, head and blades from the good heli to the vibration prone heli. If no vibration, start putting back parts that were originally on it, starting with blades, then head, then swash plate, then main shaft. Good luck.
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01-01-2020 01:47 AM  5 months ago


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Just throwing out ideas here, so covered already:

1) Balance main rotor blades AND check CG on each blade.
2) Check main rotor dampers.
3) Check tightness of main blade grips - should be the same and able to move with some pressure, but not loose.
4) Check tail rotor blade balance - this can cause a lot of shake.
5) I’m not sure if you have a fly bar or not, but some gyros like vbar have great vibration analysis and the frequency will help you find the source.
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