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12-05-2019 05:56 AM  5 months ago
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Using heli equipment on new Carbon Cub?
Hey guys I’ve always been a heli guy but I think I’m going to pull the trigger and buy a hanger 9 carbon cub and eventually fly it on floats. I’m thinking that if someday I get tired of it I would still like to savage the equipment and install in a new heli frame. The specs call for a talon 90 which I’ve had in my goblin 500 so I know that’s compatible. My question is with the motor, it’s calling for a power 60 430kw, I’m assuming it’s an out runner and not a heli- inrunner motor or am I wrong? Also does scorpion make something compatible?
Also the servos. I’m pretty sure you can’t run airplane servos in a heli but can you run decent heli servos in an airplane? I’m sure I’ll get some cheaper ones for the flaps and water rudders on the pontoons but I may spend some extra money and get some nice heli servos for everything else.
And if any of you are familiar with this setup and maybe have a cub, I’d love to chat and get a recommendation on a bigger motor for the water take offs and the heavier float flying. I’d like to do some STOL and get some good videos on the GoPro. There’s just something about the Cub and the Beaver that gets my blood flowing!!!!
Thank you gentlemen
12-05-2019 05:41 PM  5 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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The "Power 60" is an outrunner motor; however, the mounting bell is on the back of the motor. That allows it to be mounted from its back-side to the "firewall" of the a fixed wing with a prop on the "front".
The heli motors have the mounting bell on the front so they can be mounted on a heatsink.
Effectively, you could not use a fixed wing brushless outrunner motor meant to be mounted to the firewall on a typical, modern, helicopter.

Servos come in two main designs: Digital and Analog.
Then, there are the sizes: Standard, Mini & Mico
Digital servos are fast, higher torque and more expensive than analog.
Analog servos are slow, low torque and cheap as dirt.
Any modern RC helicopter and all fixed wing aircraft can use digital.
Any modern RC helicopter or a high performance fixed wing would not / could not use analog servos.
But, low performance / low stress fixed wing RC planes (like a "Carbon Cub" ) could / would use analog servos to keep the costs down. They could use digital too.
So, the question is "What size servo does the Carbon Cub need" and how does that translate to helicopters. Then you decide if you want digital or analog.

The Talon is a decent ESC, and it could be used in a small heli.
But, a Talon 90 is not the right ESC for a 550 or larger. That would be OK in anything in the sub-500 size.
As a point of reference: Is use a Castle Edge 100 Lite on my Goblin 380.
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12-05-2019 09:18 PM  5 months ago
Rockin Bird


St Gabriel, La

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I have used Heli servoes in a giant scale, and it worked great.The speed is a lot faster reaction ,but it worked.That sweet smell of "Nitro"
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Using heli equipment on new Carbon Cub?
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