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10-06-2019 04:52 AM  16 months ago
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New Jersey

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Blade 130s
Hi my name is Freddy and I am new in this hobby and I have a problem with my helicopter the problem is I flying the helicopter for some minutes and when the battery runs out I change for an other one but after that the helicopter main rotor head spin but not take off so I check everything and I find some burning smell from the right side servo so I order the servo because I think that's the reason but I am new in this hobby so I don't know but if someone else has this problem in the past and know what to do I be really grateful if let me know what to do thanks
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10-14-2019 03:32 AM  16 months ago
R/C Speed Nut


Galesburg, Michigan USA

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Sounds like you are on the right track.

Funky Chicken?!!..........I thought this was how you do a piro flip!!
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