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09-14-2019 02:58 AM  2 days ago
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laptop problem
maybe someone here can answer why a laptop would all of a sudden lose power several times>>>>>>>>>example , the problem just started recently, power it up , it trys to come on then shuts down, this has happened several times, I tried to change the cord but no luck so am thinking something is definitely wrong internally, any thoughts on this??
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09-14-2019 05:01 AM  2 days ago


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There's literally hundreds of reasons why that could be happening. Most likely its a program that's messed up and crashes. Boot into BIOS and see if the problem happens. If it does then it's most likely a hardware issue - maybe memory issue - try running Auto Config, save and exit.
If it's not that then boot into SAFE MODE and see if the issue persists - if it does then try running Windows re-install to fix whatever issue is with Windows.
09-14-2019 07:26 PM  1 day ago


Carol Stream, IL

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-What brand and model of laptop
-Is the battery replaceable
-Exactly when does it power off (before or after the BIOS screen comes on)
-Does it EVER get to windows boot?
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🏠Home💠RC Main Discussion › laptop problem
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