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09-01-2019 02:55 PM  23 months ago
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parlin,N.J. USA

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ESC Cutout
My CC160hv will cut out after about 2mins of easy flying at half throttle. I still have full cyclic control, then it willcome back on after about 10sec. It will working again and i can hover.But I don't trust it to fly around. CC160, Scorpian HK111 4035-500kv,12s 5200,Vortex vx1e,Airtronics rec, 5amp bec, raptor e700. any help
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09-01-2019 03:31 PM  23 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Punta de Mata, Monagas-Venezuela

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CC ESC programming take care of your lipo packs and helicopter.
That is why you need to tune up this cut procedure.

If you know how health is your lipo pack, you can setup the cut off, programming INSANE...

On this conditions, the CC esc don't care about your lipo pack and the risk is up to you.
Be careful about temperature of your lipo pack after each flight.


If your lipo pack is old and weak, you can fly in INSANE mode but... Remember...
Forget about 3D flight and go crazy...
It is better to get a new lipo pack.

Saludos cordiales,
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