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08-22-2019 08:09 PM  9 months ago



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Ivan He is saying that Nitro prices have made those helis an elegance instead of a norm. The fuel price is so expensive it's something one would do because they like extravagance like fine cigars, which they only use half of and toss the rest because money is no object for them.

Not sure why that is so hard to understand...?
I see it now.

I didn't understand because it is so foreign to my thinking. I've mixed my own fuel for almost 30 years now and it costs me about $17 a gallon. Buying fuel is something I have done all my life and don't consider is anything special. I've never considered it an extravagance. Well, the entire hobby is an extravagance but the fuel is just part of it.

I find it interesting to see how far we've come. Now not only are electrics a viable option, some people consider glow models a wasteful excess.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

The other user said they use Klots heliglo. Do you use the same? Where do you source your raw products? I am thinking about trying this because I have a plank I am building with a Saito fourstroke.

I make soap as an alternate hobby, so a straight castor/methanol would be no issue for me, but finding nitro and suitable synthetic oil at volumes I could mix and store safely may be a challenge.
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08-26-2019 01:45 PM  9 months ago
Rockin Bird


St Gabriel, La

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Went to LHS and there is a large amount of heli fuel in stock.The owner said their was just a small amount of increase in the price.I paid under $32 per gallon.Also the VP fuel was available but its a little bit higher in cost.Looks like the nitro fuel business is still going well in this area.ThanksThat sweet smell of "Nitro"
08-28-2019 04:29 PM  9 months ago



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HeliAdict Been using Magnum for at least 15 years.
I wouldn't count on getting fuel from Buzz anymore. I've tried several times in the last couple of years to no avail. It gets to where he just wont commit to making it anymore.

I've had luck with the local Hobbytown getting CoolPower for about $37 per gallon without paying fees.

I used to buy from Torco but it is now effectively the most expensive heli fuel one can buy.
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08-29-2019 02:06 AM  9 months ago


St. George Utah

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Can nitro-methane be made from cow farts?..seriously though where do they get that stuff? still mystifys me why the motor companies don't market fuel for their engines..seems like a smart thing to do..if you want to keep selling engines!I do a great decending funnel!
08-29-2019 03:16 PM  9 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Punta de Mata, Monagas-Venezuela

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utahbob Can nitro-methane be made from cow farts?..seriously though where do they get that stuff? still mystifys me why the

Good point!

Glow fuel is a result of four different components...

Oil (castor or synthetic)
Nitro methanol

Most of sellers don't prepare such a mix... They simple put a label on the bottle...

So, be careful.
Most of this "obscure sellers" don't care about your engine.

In Spanish we said...

Every day, a lot of fool people walk on the streets... If you find them, that fool people is yours...

Saludos cordiales,
08-30-2019 08:47 PM  8 months ago



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SoCal Scott Torco Nitro if you can’t get anything locally. Good stuff and price includes shipping.
Still Torco? That's what I used years ago. Was my favorite and it smells good
I literally never use the word literally right.
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