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07-18-2019 05:43 PM  11 months ago
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A positive story for the hobby
Exhibitor Cooperation-A Story

While the IRCHA committee works hard to plan and schedule, sometimes we do make mistakes. It is always our goal to make sure everything looks seamless to everyone, but sometimes a mistake made by us creates a problem. In 2018, after everyone on the committee reviewed the final t-shirt design, we accidentally left Miniature Aircraft off of the shirt. Once we were on site we still did not notice this until Saturday, as it is just that busy. When it was brought to our attention there was nothing we would offer at the time to help, except some additional flight time in a packed schedule. So we went to someone we felt might be willing to help and asked Gale from Align/Enterprise hobby if we could use part of their hour from 5-6 on Saturday evening to try and make up for our mistake. Without hesitation, Gale happily agreed simply, saying "sure thing they come all the way from Germany and they are great people", I would be happy to help. He then simply asked "can we have the same time next year", which the committee members present also happily agreed. In that moment, with that simple request Gale helped us with Miniature Aircraft, and assured us that Align was returning in 2019 as Platinum Sponsor. While there may be a lot of competition in the helicopter market, there are people and companies in the industry who do work together for the better of us all.😀
 1 page 328 views POST REPLY
🏠Home💠RC Main Discussion › A positive story for the hobby
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