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07-13-2019 11:06 AM  22 months ago
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London, UK

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Current F3C machine general specs?
I have been out of the loop for a few years with F3C and I'm just curious about the typical F3C helis now. I get the impression there has been a move up to the 750-800 territory, what sort of weight, headspeeds, and what FBL system? Obviously there's a range and there's personal preference etc.
07-18-2019 11:40 AM  22 months ago


St Leonards On Sea UK

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Hi Trillian,

The move to electric and FBL systems has taken a lot of the "black art" out of F3C and the big difference really is practice, practice, practice now..

Most of the models today (F3C or 3D) run very rigid damping for the FBL controllers to work their best. Therefore the whole concept of delta offsets, teeter points, lead-lag, etc is kind of redundant as the spindle is moving so little now.

So as long as the model is built well pretty much anything can be made to perform to a good standard in F3C now. There's no more messing around with horizontal fin size/placement, damper types, flybar length, paddle size and weight, mixing ratios, delta ratios, etc..

So quite a lot of the "intrigue" has gone, but it does mean the "barriers to entry" are far lower. You can get a competitive machine off the shelf and not have to spend months "tinkering" to get it flying right.

In terms of equipment.. this is what is currently popular across Europe..

Helicopters - SAB, Align, JR (and derivatives), Hirobo and Quest (aka Kyosho).
FBL Unit - Futaba CGY760R, JR Mini-Tags, V-Bar
Blades - Funtech 730, JR 755, SAB 730
Headspeed - 1400/1900 (approx +/- 100rpm)

The 3 blade phase quickly vanished as they gave no real overall benefit but you had the cost of an extra blade and the pain of taking it on and off to get the model in the car.

The 800 size models have shrunk (or the blade length has) to stabilise at around 740mm in size. In terms of tail blades it's a 50/50 split between two and three blades... if your model allows you to run big enough 2 blades at enough speed then that's the first option, otherwise it's shorter blades but 3 of...

And as I mentioned at the start... it's all down to practice now and personal preference.. there is no "ideal" setup.. it's what feels right to you.. and that may not suit anybody else!

Hope that helps!

Midland Helicopters, Hirobo, Futaba, Model Technics Fuel
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Home🏆Contest✈️Aircraft🚁Helicopter🏆Aerobatic FAI F3C F3N Contest › Current F3C machine general specs?

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