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07-12-2019 09:09 PM  22 months ago
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New Brain / iKON Firmware & new Windows, Android, iOS App's 3.2.050
As usual Software and Firmware notification will be automatic, and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active. But for those with Brain that no longer use the APPs so frequently (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let's know who was interested in the release of the following update:

- First version of FrSky Integration and related doc released.
- Logs, vibrations, events can now be viewed and analyzed also on Android and / or iOS smartphones / tablets for user that really need this function.
- Now it is possible programming PIN & NAME of Bluetooth dongles also with Mini Brain2 and Micro Brain2 and also from the Android and iOS APPs.
- Now it is possible to control also models with motor tail drive

Other than this, more than 100 improvements (some big, some small) were done to Firmware and APPs as you can read under "Info" menù in the "About":

Release Notes:
- 3.2.050 (firmware 3.2.050) 05 June 2019
• Added in firmware routines for FrSky Integration management
• Added in software under “Help” the direct link “Download latest FrSky Integration”
• In the MANUALS section of software added the icon for the opening of FrSky manual
• Added the new function to change the PIN and NAME of Bluetooth dongle also for devices that do not have the USB "on board" (such as Micro and Mini Brain2) executable either via Remote USB or directly via Bluetooth connection (also with Android and iOS APPs connected via Bluetooth)
• Added the configuration change of the internal and external (dongle) Bluetooth modules to work properly with the American version of Android 9 PIE when updating PIN and NAME (Even if you rewrite the same PIN and NAME that were already used before)
• New dedicated text explaining how to program the Bluetooth module PIN and NAME when a Micro or Mini is connected via Bluetooth or Remote USB
• Activated the new “Tail Motor Driven” routines (for Micro Heli only, so, for Micro Brain2 only)
• Wizard page 2: added the new "Tail Motor Driven" icon selectable only with Micro Brain2 unit
• Added the new “Proportional Tail Gain by TX” subpanel in Advanced, Setup, Tail that display Tail gain value received by the Transmitter
• Wizard page 8: only when a Micro Brain2 is connected (or selected in demo mode) added instructions for “Tail Motor Driven”
• In Advanced, Setup, Tail changed the label from "Proportional Gain by SW" to "Proportional Tail Gain by SW"
• Advanced -> Setup -> Tail: Moved "Proportional Tail Gain (SW and TX)" groups to the beginning before “Integral” & “Derivate” gains (PID sequence)
• Instructions of Wizard panel 5 modified to “Tail Gain: Set the gyro gain so that it shows an initial starting value of 45% on the panel.”
• Now with a “Reset to factory default”, "Tail Pitch Precompensation" and "Tail Cyclic Precompensation" values are also set to work on models with clockwise rotors (99% of models) instead of being set to zero. This should simplify the tail setup
• Now with a “Reset to factory default”, Tail Gain “I” value is changed from 25% to 30%
• Advanced -> Setup -> Tail: In the tooltip of "Integral Gain" changed from 25 to 30 the factory default value
• Wizard panel 6: the light on of CW e CCW icons takes into account also the "Tail Asymmetry" value
• Advanced -> Setup -> Tail: exchanged "Tail Asymmetry” & "Tail speed" so, now all parameters related to main rotor direction (Pitch Pre-compensation, Cyclic Pre-compensation, Asymmetry) are contiguous
• Added in “Tail Servo Chart” the KST DS565X tail servo
• Added at the end of the saved configuration file (.MTR) the "Tail Gain", "AUX" and "Throttle" values read from the TX when the file is saved (this can help with diagnosis)
• In the telemetry management of Kontronik ESC Kosmik, Kolibri, Jive Pro revised the calculation of RPM received telemetrically by ESCs ("ESC LS RPM"
• In the telemetry management of Kontronik ESC Kosmik, Kolibry, Jive Pro changed the value read and assigned to “PowerOut” from “PWM IN” to “PWM OPENING”
• Some ESCs (HobbyWing and Kontronik) complete the initialization after about 3 seconds: the output voltage of the BEC after remaining at a certain default value, moves to the programmed voltage value after 3 seconds. This sometimes causes false alarms on the transmitter every time the model is switched on, which will soon disappear by themselves or which must be reset (depending on the transmitter kind and also to the alarm thresholds). Very annoying. Solved through the workaround of having added after each "power on" a delay of 4 seconds for all telemetry protocols before the telemetry data are sent to the receivers (and from there to the transmitters)
• Wizard page 7: Now is also displayed the image of the type of swashplate selected to facilitate the recognition of servo1/2/3 connections/positions
• Wizard page 7: Now minimum and maximum values for Pitch and Cyclic are limited (this can happen only when cyclic servo arms are too short or too long)
• Wizard page 7: added instructions when Pitch and Cyclic values become red (servos arms lengths)
• Improved the “RxFrameRate” measurement routine
• Now the internal calculation routines of the Fades, Frame losses, Holds (quality of the Brain2 received signal) that were previously used only for the Spektrum protocol work also for the other protocols
• Review some names and reorder some positions in the Spektrum and Graupner integration menus to better match Windows Software updates
• Advanced -> Common -> Thrott.&Gov: Now the Dead Zone value corresponds to real uSec. (precedent user set values are automatically updated by software)
• Changed the Governor "Dead Zone" calculation routine in all integrations to show the value in real microseconds
• If during the unit configuration a user try to activate Auto Level on all the three Setup (Auto Level ever active) a warning message appear
• To speed up the startup, if the Auto Level is not selected in any Setups or even in the AUX, the routine for checking the model's position and the accelerometer's gravity measurement is skipped
• Wizard panel 13 “Flying Stile Setup”: changed the name of “3D” icon to “Acro” and “Hardcore 3D” icon to “3D”
• Wizard page 5: added in the title “Input”, Wizard pages 7 & 8 added in the title “Output” (to make it easier to understand that input and output settings are two distinct and different things. Especially for the Throttle)
• Wizard page 12: title changed from "Throttle Configuration &..." to "Throttle Configuration Out &..."
• Wizard page 12: if Governor sections are disabled (with Standard Receiver) "Motor is electric" checkbox is now correctly greyed-out
• Wizard panel 12 & Advanced -> Thrott.&Gov: the governor subpanel is now disabled if in Advanced -> Common -> Receiver, the Throttle channel is set to “No Channel” (default for Standard Receiver)
• Wizard panel 13 “Use governor” checkboxes are now disabled if in Advanced -> Common -> Receiver, the Throttle channel is set to “No Channel” (default for Standard receiver)
• Advanced -> Setup -> Gov & Level "Use Governor" checkboxes are now disabled if in Advanced -> Common Receiver, the Throttle channel is set to “No Channel” (default for Standard receiver)
• Advanced -> Setup -> Gov & Level "Governor use bailout" checkbox is enabled only if "Use Governor" is selected
• Advanced -> Setup -> Gov & Level "Governor use bailout" is automatically unchecked when "Use Governor" is unchecked
• In Wizard panel 12 and in Advanced -> Common -> Thrott.&Gov: minimum value for “Throttle Out Min” changed from 800uS to 450uS (for 760uSec tail servo used for the control of carburetors on Nitro/Gasser)
• Advanced -> Common -> Servos: Now when one of the servo kinds is set to “None (no output)” text is red (more visible, more evident)
• Logs: for "Frame Losses" parameter the vertical scale is now changed from -200 / +1000 to -10 / +50
• Now during firmware update also the Boot Loader version is displayed
• Wizard panel 6: If the swashplate “H-1 90°” is selected, in the panel 7 Pitch e Cyclic are disactivated (greyed out) and in Advanced, Common, CCPM all mixers parameters are disabled (greyed out)
• Added instructions related to swashplate “H-1 90°” in Wizard panel 6
• Now when Software is executed, the Serial Number of the connected unit is copied into the Windows clipboard. So, Serial Number can be pasted in any document by a simply “ctrl V”
• Advanced, Common, Servos: Added the label "Kind of Servo" to the left of curtains
• In Wizard panel 12 & Advanced, Common, Throttle & Gov.: modified telemetry label "Castle Creation Telemetry" to "Castle Creation Edge/Edge-Lite, Edge HV/HV Lite, ICE HV-2/Lite, Talon Telemetry"
• In Wizard panel 11 and in Advanced -> Common -> Rescue: on channel AUX, Auto Level / Rescue checkboxes are now disabled if in Advanced -> Receiver channel AUX is set to “No Channel” (few radio channels or Standard receiver selected)
• Updated Windows libraries
• Wizard panel 12: throttle slider is now more visible but is now transparent to no longer covers the receiver throttle percentage input value when moving over it
• In the commands that automatically close the software ("Binding Spectrum" and "Reset to Factory Default" the section of the menu where you are is saved before the closure of the software so as to return directly when you reopen the software (like when you normally close the Software / APP)
• Now if user try to save the configuration file when software is in Demo Mode (no unit connected) a warning message appears
• If configuration file is saved in “Demo Mode” instead of writing in the file a blank FW version and a fake serial number, for either values is written “*** DEMO MODE ***”
• DIAGNOSTIC -> Events: Only when in DEMO MODE (no unit connected) the button “Load CSV” is visible to be able to load (but not in a unit) and view old saved Events files or to view and analyze other user files
• DIAGNOSTIC, "Parameter Setting" tab, "Sample Rate": the word DISABLED is now all in capitals and colored red
• In DIAGNOSTIC if the parameter "Sample Rate" is set to DISABLED, when you go to the "Realtime Logs" tab, a warning message appears explaining that logs functions are disabled
• In the top five icons, changed the “COUNTERS” icon to the most correct “TIMERS” icon
• Added in the instructions on page 4 of the Wizard explaining the use of the GOV connector
• Added in “MANUALS” section, the management of the new icon for the README_for_OpenTX_integration_for_BRAIN” document
• Installer save into the Brain section menu of the OS the new "README_for_OpenTX_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf" document
• New version of "README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf" document
• New version of "README_for_MSH51610_Dongle_Bluetooth_Brain.pd f" document
• New version of “README_for_HOTT_telemetry_and_integration_for_BRA IN.pdf” document
• New version of “README_for_Jeti_integration_for_BRAIN.pdf” document
• New version of “README_for_Spektrum_Integration.pdf” document
• New French resources
• New Russian resources
• Added at the bottom of the release notes the release date of the very first release 1.0.000
• Removed from Release Notes some lines of text left by mistake
• Various minor changes to the instructions
• Modify, correct or change some labels
• New wiring diagrams for Spektrum SRXL for Brain2 Standard and iKon2 Standard with added "Power Connections" diagram
• Diagnostic Tab Events: if Brain1 or Micro Brain1 is connected or selected in demo mode, the grid is greyed-out/disabled
• Wizard panel 10: Changed first paragraph "Select the number of main blades: two blades or three blades." to "Select the number of main blades: two blades or three (or more) blades." (also, IT)
• Wizard panel 8, added the same explanations for “Check Mode” of the precedent Wizard panel 7
• Advanced -> Common -> Thrott.&Gov: In the tooltip for "Bailout Ramp" parameter the default value updated from 25 to 15
• In Wizard panel 3: in the instructions added to the Futaba or Hitec paragraph “or FrSky”
• Modified vibrations instructions
• Added to the telemetry label "Hobbywing PlatinumV4, FlyFunV5 Telemetry" -> "…. & Align RCE Telemetry"
• Wizard panel 11: Modified instructions to suggest to don’t activate rescue on the Setup1 that is the “Default” Setup when no TX signal is received
• Wizard panel 5: modified "Tail Gain: Set your Tx endpoints ...." to "Tail: Set Your Tx endpoints ....." and "Gain: Set the gyro gain....." to "Tail gain: Set the gyro gain ...." so that it matches the slider name on the main panel
• Wizard panel 4: added at the end the phrase "TELEMETRY: For the connections required for your specific ESC or temperature sensor and your Transmitter Brand, go to “MANUALS” section and read the “Telemetry” document."
• Wizard panel 12: changed parameter name "Telemetry" to "Telemetry Input"
• In Demo Mode (no unit connected): In the unit type selection window, the upper part of the text no longer cuts the letters
• Changed menu name "No ESC Telemetry" to "No Telemetry Input"
• Translated also in Italian all popup messages related to “Update”
• Modified "Upload new firmware" in "Manual firmware upload" (also, IT)
• Wizard panel 11: changed panel name from "Rescue" only to "Auto Level / Rescue"
• IT: Corrected "con i valori di fabrica" to "con i valori di fabbrica"
• Wizard panel 1: Italian, corrected “Settagio” to “Settaggio”
• Modified some other Italian resources
• When software is fully de-installed and reinstalled, now appears ”MSH Electronics” instead of "MS Heli"
• Modified the menu label "go to Basic" in to "go to Wizard"
• Removed from all text the word “Basic” from “Basic Wizard”
• Some grammatical corrections in the English instructions
• Minor graphic changes
• Improvements/optimization/compression/reduction/speed up of the code

APP Android & iOS 3.2.050:
All the new functions and improvements already listed for "Software & "Firmware” with more:
• Now also with the iOS app the firmware can be updated
• New API compatible with Android 9 (Pie)
• Android: Added compatibility for 64-bit devices
• Android Improved initial error handling during connection
• Added the ability to change the PIN and NAME of internal or external (dongle) Bluetooth for all kind of unit also with Android and iOS APPs when connected via Bluetooth
• New menu for “DIAGNOSTIC” with new icons and “Go to Wizard”, “Go to Advanced”, “Counters”, “Manuals”
• Added a new power graphic engine for Logs/Vibrations/Events (license payment)
• Added the new menu “Real time Logs”
• Added the new menu “Recorded Logs”
• Added the new menu “Vibrations” (Real time and recorded)
• Added the new menu “Events”
• Implemented all the required functions for “download data from unit”, “Save graphics data to file”, “Clear screen”, “Selection of visible data”, etc.
• Minimum Android target raised to Android 4.4
• Changed the default folder used for file save. Now files are saved in the Download -> Brain folder. At first launch of the new version of the app, all precedent files are moved from the hidden folder to this new visible folder
• When the new app is launched if required authorizations for save / load on the device are not yet given, they are required
• Landscape versions implemented for all menu and pages with automatic orientation active
• New PDF management to ensure compatibility with new API versions
• Changed “Options” menu name to “Utility - Setup 1/2/3 Copy”
• For security reasons (no unwanted changes to settings during flights) when phone/tablet is turned off/paused (in the pocket), the app disconnects from the controller and return to the initial state as when launched (connection menu)
• When app is closed or suspended, the Bluetooth state return to the state before the app is launched
• In Demo Mode Bluetooth is turned off if it was off when app is open/launched
• Like Windows app, this app restart from Wizard if closed in Wizard or restart from Advanced if closed in Advanced or restart in Diagnostic if closed in Diagnostic
• If in Demo Mode, under “About” the serial number of the unit becomes “*** DEMO MODE ***”
• Wizard panel 2 “Servos” blocked the double/triple opening windows of “chart” with double click
• Wizard panel 2 “Servos” no more error if value is manually inserted with only “H” or only “z” instead of “Hz”
• In Manuals section, added a short description under each icon (like Windows)

As usual for the iOS and Android app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and Apple.

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