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12-24-2018 03:03 AM  18 months ago
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my PayPal account and C card were both hacked
yeeup it was, and here's how it went,

so last summer I bought a RC plane from a well known On Line Store (not Tower's, not Horizon and not a Heli shop), well about 10 weeks later some one used my C card for $35 to play a game on-line, well the bank refunded my money and I got a new card,

now I did wonder if it was some one from that store, but it was only a thought and nothing more because there was no proof,

well about 4 months ago I bought another plane from the same store, then about a month later some one used my new C card and bought some game on line for $80, and they also hacked my PayPal account to send the money, the thing is I have not used my PayPal account in years, and I did close that PP count after this 2nd time,

any ways, the bank gave me the $80 back, and of course I got a new card again,

but you know what I love about all this> the bank tells me>> "it happens to everybody",,,, well if it does some one has played a lot of games or has got a lot of money.

personally I don't think the money went to games, I think it is a much bigger thing going on, I think the money went into a pot and more than one person got their hands in it,, and my question is> "how come the Fedds can't stop this", I say that because there should be an electronic trail somewhere and the Fedds should be smart enough to find it
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12-24-2018 11:43 AM  18 months ago
Andy from Sandy

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As a crime at an individual level the police tell you they can't do anything.

At a national level the CC companies are embarrassed to admit their systems are piss poor.

It would be easy if everyone had a mobile 'phone as 2 part authorisation could be implemented but then every transaction in shops would take longer and most people would be annoyed at the extra security involved.

Some transactions I do with my online bank involves entering a code they send to my phone.

Some transactions involve me entering, hopefully, information only I know.

My CC got used in a similar way. The details I supplied to a very big car insurance company were passed on.

I apparently purchased a television in a chain store and on the same day 250 miles away I bought two laptops and then went into another branch of the chain store to buy another television.
12-24-2018 03:53 PM  18 months ago
Jerry K

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Houston Area

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My medical savings visa got hacked at a CVS drug store, now that is not a card that gets used much and it was tracked down to the individual that did it but nothing happened to the temporary employee.

We pay the price for this hacking through higher interest fees. I guess I am the lucky ones that no longer pays finance charges on CC. Banks have to pass the costs off to someone.

ALL of my cards have on the back "ASK FOR ID" and maybe 1 of 30-40 do that. When they do I congratulate them.
08-11-2019 10:32 PM  11 months ago

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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It is a fact that most of us use the same username & password for several accounts.
If you opened an account at the online hobby shop, there is a good chance you used the same username / password as the other 10 or 15 online retail stores, banks, CC company or your PP account.
That online retailer has your login name, real name, address, phone number and CC details.

While it is possible someone at the retailer "stole" that info, it is more likely someone hacked their account databases and pulled all that retailer's customer details.

At that point, the "hackers" use those usernames to poke around at the websites for the CC, banks, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AT&T, DirecTV, Disk Networks - etc, etc, etc using a database of "common" passwords.

There is a good chance, they will get into one of them.
From that small crack, they pick and pick and get more details about you.
And start again.
They also cross-check the list of usernames that they just stole with the database of usernames they already have. And, more clues.
At some point, they hit the mother-lode - your SSN, DOB, place of birth and everything needed to start opening fake financial accounts.

Because it is all automated and the tools are already developed, there is almost no effort involved with making your life sh!tty.

Everyone shares blame for this.
You can't pin it all on the CC companies, the banks or the police.
How many of us use different usernames for all the different sites we use?
How many of us use complex passwords for them?
How many have 2-factor authentication turned on for our "important" accounts.
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08-12-2019 02:33 PM  11 months ago
Mark Ryder


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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ticedoff8 How many of us use complex passwords for them?
Password manager
A password manager assists in generating and retrieving complex passwords, potentially storing such passwords in an encrypted database or calculating them on demand. Wikipedia
Mark Ryder
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08-12-2019 02:53 PM  11 months ago

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Meridian, Mississippi

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Approximately every 6 months I get a text from my credit card company asking if I've bought $80 worth of bikinis ( (or some other BS). Just last month they called an asked if I tried to buy $1,600 worth of airline tickets from "".

I've had long talks with my Card company about the possibility I'm doing something wrong that results in my card being cloned. They are emphatic that I'm doing everything right and it just going to happen from time to time.

A couple of things to note... In almost all cases, the card company has identified the fraud before it cost them money. Apparently their algorithms are smart enough to notice my buying habits rarely include airline tickets and women's swimwear.

The other thing is they say "The fraudulent use of my card will NEVER cost me money." Nice but there is a cost to me. The card I've been using is immediately canceled and replaced. That requires I modify my banking software and for the next 3 months I keep getting notices that the payment method I have on file is no longer valid. Ironically one of the first of those notices is from LifeLoc.
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