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sorry it's long,

so guys, my 42 year old RAC 4 amp (auto) battery charger finely bit the dust, a frayed positive wire, so it's my fault, it would still be working if I knew about that wire..
so I needed to get a new charger, but I was worried about getting one that is actually worth the money, I mean I don't want to have to buy another one in 3, 5 years, and, I wanted to buy local so if I was unhappy with it I would not have to pay $20 to ship it back,,

so I looked and looked and I got sick of looking so I settled, I ended up with a CarCraft charger, charges at 2 and 6 amps, just what I wanted for the winters for trickle charging my riding mower. but I was reluctant.
got it home and it's pretty cool, it's actually a battery "reconditioner" it's cool because it charges, then it will flat line the charge for a while then it will trickle. the time line for this charger to recondition a average bad car battery is up to 24 hours, and that was cool because my new (2 month old Interstate) battery is dead, there is something in my van that is drawing power when the key is off and my new battery went dead in 10 days from the last time I drove my van,,

so OK, I hook up my new battery "reconditioner" to my new 2 month old battery and the reconditioner charger ( <LOL) will not read the new (dead) battery, but this charger is a reconditioner so it "should" put power to a (dead) battery,, well I hook it up to my wife's car battery and it will read that battery, and it will read my 12 volt riding mower battery,,

now rather a battery is no good or just dead I have never seen a charger that would not put power to a dead battery, rather a battery is totally bad or not a charger should put power to it,, so, I call CarCraft and you can't guess what they told me,, you can't guess,,

they told me that I have to "charge my battery first so my new battery reconditioner can start charging my battery",, that's what they told me !!, so I have to charge my battery first so my reconditioner will charge my battery, LOL that is just crazy LOL..

now I do understand that my new and "dead" (Interstate) battery could possibly be completely no-good, and I can understand that this new battery "reconditioner" slash charger could be designed (wrong) to where it needs to read some power from a battery so it can initialize it's self, but it's a dead battery "reconditioner" so it should put power to a dead battery so it CAN actually "try" to "recondition" a dead battery,, sO them telling me I have to charge my battery first so I can "actually" recondition my battery is just freggen crazy !!

so, because this brand new battery "reconditioner" wont put power to a "dead" battery, it can not actually "recondition" a "dead" battery, so it's actually going back to the store, and I ant not going-na buy no CarCraft junk a-gain !!!!!

I want my 42 year old charger back, so I can at-least actually "try" to charge my dead, new, 2 month old battery.

have a good day every body !!

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HomeOff Topics › a crazy battery story you may want to read
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