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so guys, I thought I would tell you this Halloween story about my younger years with 2 of my older brothers,,,

so I had 3 older brothers, but if you remember reading one of my brothers died when I was 14, he was the youngest of them and he was 4 years older than me, so this story happened on Halloween night when I was around 10y.o. ,, this was the only time they allowed me to join in with their fun,,

so my brothers where all ways out for a good, fun time, you know,,,, like the time, one night, when they were out throwing rocks at tractor-tailors and one truck stopped and the driver come running looking for the kids that threw the rocks, and those 2 kids where no where to be found, yet they were up in the tree snickering as they were watching that truck driver walking around looking for the 2 kids that threw those rocks (well that is another true story about 2 of my brothers)..
well this Halloween story was more fun,,,
I found 2 of my brothers on this Halloween night getting eggs out of the refrigerator and I ask what they were doing, keep in mind it was around 10pm and kids were done ringing door bells/grabbing candy.. well my brothers told me that they were going to use my pumpkin to lure in kids so they could throw eggs at these kids,..

right behind my mom's house is a hill about 10ft high, and a house on top of that hill, well my brothers set my pumpkin on the ground just in front of the front porch steps, and of course they lit the candle, and we ran up the hill and stood around the corner of that house, my mother and father were in bed so all the lights in our house were out, yet there was that pumpkin on the grown in front of the front steps with that candle burning,  my God I don't think we were standing there more than 10 minutes and 2 kids come walking by,, one of my brothers wanted to start throwing eggs, but the other very quietly told him to wait, so, he waited a bit  and one of those 2 kids stopped walking and said "look, a pumpkin", I remember hearing that !!!,,, well at that the other kid started walking towards my pumpkin and when he got just a couple feet in front of the pumpkin he stopped,, and he looked around, left and right, left and right,,,,,, then I heard my bother yell out loud "Hey you kids. what are you doing there" and at that I saw that kid swing his leg and he turned and started to run away, his friend started to run too,,,, well, as the 2 kids turned and started to run my 2 brothers started throwing the eggs, and of course as my brothers were throwing eggs one of them was yelling " you kids stop there, stop" ,,  (I will NEVER forget it !!!!)

so the 2 kids ran off, and as my brothers and I were laughing we ran down to the pumpkin, and we found that-that one kid did kick my pumpkin and he did damaged the front/face,,, so,,, what did my 2 older brothers do,,,>>>

well, my father was an electrician,, so my brothers went into the garage and got some wire and fixed up the face of my pumpkin and they set it back in front of the front porch steps,,, and they lit the candle again,, and again we ran up the hill and stood around the corner of the house a 2nd time,,,

again, we stood there for only about 10 minutes and 2 other kids come walking by and here too one of them went to grab the pumpkin, and my brother started yelling "you kids, you kids" and the kids started running away and my brother started throwing eggs a 2nd time..

I remember seeing the broken eggs out on the sidewalk and the street the next day !

I have to say that that was the only time I was allowed to be part of what my older brothers considered fun, and it was fun LOL,,, and,, it was one of the best times of my life, I will never forget it,, a funny memory..

I hope you liked my story !! but be careful out there guys, you don't want to get egg on your back

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