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10-07-2018 12:12 PM  17 months ago

rrElite Veteran


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Sorry, should have said.. it did not work using 0.5amp. I ended up manually charging three of the four low cells. Battery working fine now.

I am using iCharger 306 and 310.
10-07-2018 11:54 PM  16 months ago
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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Thats our dilemma:

One is icharger
Second is current .5A

I’ve got a 4010 and it can’t balance as well or as fast as the PL8v2

The 4010 made some of my packs looked “questionable” however once I flew the “questionable pack” and charged it on my PL8v2 ... all is swell. I do see a pattern and trend.

The PL8v2 has a very efficient algorithm to slow charge / increase charge as needed to balance each cell.

We can also parallel packs of different capacity within the same cell count

So unless we get the chance to experience a PL8v2, we know only what we have used.

About the only I like about the 4010:
- Servo Test functions
- Color Screen
10-08-2018 01:55 PM  16 months ago


Leeds, England

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Heli_Splatter I am using iCharger 306 and 310.
The older ichargers (not sure about the newer ones) would go out of balance calibration over time. There is a way to calibrate them, try search on Youtube.

Check that first and have a go at calibrating OR to save some head ache just get a Revolectrix Cellpro charge like a PL6 or PL8.

Also DON'T parallel charge all the time, charge the packs individually from time to time.

Another tip is to check the balance and IR of new packs when you first get them and return them if you aren't happy. I send packs back that are more than 0.1v out and that don't come upto perfect balance within a couple of minutes on a 0.5-1C charge.
60% of the time, it works every time!
10-23-2018 07:20 PM  16 months ago
old nitroman


Naples florida

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I try to make sure when parallel charge both batteries, are very close on voltage on each cell, then when done its done charging, i put back on one at a time to top off each battery and balance them. icharger 308. this has worked very well for me.E5s and E7se,and a 766, Roban bell 222 800 superscale,450 bell 4 bladed head,gobby 380and 420 ,180cfx
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Balancing Large Batteries
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