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09-21-2018 02:56 AM  3 years ago
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Willits, California

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JR Vigor CS issue
I have a older JR Vigor CS I had a minor crash involving worn linkage on tail I put heli back together 401 Gyro with a 9253 servo and when I put helicopter Into hover then pull back and throttle up the tail rotor will not hold at all it wants to pitch to the right I put in a futaba GT 601 Gyro with s9251 digital servo and when I fire the helicopter up and start to throttle up the helicopter begins to lift off and the tail violently pitches to the left any ideas as to the issues I’ve done range test servo test range test and everything seems to be in order any help would be Appreciated
09-21-2018 03:55 AM  3 years ago


The Villages, Florida

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With the 401 , it sounds like you just need to go over the setup from scratch....if I recall correctly, the gyro must be initialized in heading hold .... after initializing , switch to rate mode.... then the adjustment for drift needs to be done in rate mode until there is no drift in the tail . That is done by adjusting the length of the push rod mechanically.

After that , you flip into heading hold mode and you should be all set. I’m going from memory but there is a lot of setup documentation out there if you search for it ....

Regarding your 601 issue .... sounds like the gyro is reversed..//
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09-25-2018 06:46 PM  3 years ago
John Benario


Las Vegas

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Juan is correct. The 401 should be turned on in heading hold mode, the 601 in rate mode. The 401 is difficult to setup to use in rate mode because there is just one throw adjust.

You alternately adjust the throw pot and pushrod length so that the tail stops short of bottoming out in both directions, and then turn on in heading hold mode. If you then change the pushrod length you will bind in one direction.

Your 601 issue is reverse as Juan said. Just go through the entire setup on the 601 to ensure everything is ok and go fly.
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