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09-08-2018 09:08 PM  23 months ago
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Reposted from another forum:
So I had a DJI NAZA set up with an SBUS connection, to a Futaba receiver, R2008SB. Worked flawless for years. I had to change it out for a R3008SB to get telemetry. I plugged it in the same way as before, SBUS (port 8) to port "U".

But the NAZA does not respond, it doesn't seem to get any signal at all. It's on and alive but does not see the signals and therefore is stuck in failsafe.

The receiver works fine, no problems with the outputted SBUS and PWM signals. Confirmed with SBD-1.

I'm lost, what should I do now?
Still stuck with this. Any ideas?
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 1 page 164 views POST REPLY
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