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08-23-2018 09:03 PM  23 months ago
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Slovenija, Europe

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S 4615 crown gear 3D model
Hi to all robbe lovers out there.
It is almost impossible to get S 4615 crown gear to buy so with help from Ron Amster - Ramster and my local CNC friend with 5-axis machine we made 3D model and milled gear from Novilon Oilon plastic and it works perfect for more than 100 flights until now. Gear is the same as when I put it on my heli. Gear is redesigned to be thicker because is all made from plastic - no metal center part.
If anyone needs 3D model to make his gears please write me your email and I will share file for free because I know how hard is to get spare gear.

Hope this helps to keep our robbe helis in the air for many years to come

Kind regads, Robert.
08-25-2018 08:46 PM  22 months ago


Cascais, Portugal

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Roby Hope this helps to keep our robbe helis in the air for many years to come
Absolutely fantastic! What a man to share this with the community. Many thanks, and will definitely let you know when the day comes!
Robbe Nova Cuatro Gas/Nitro, Futura Nova Nitro, Futura SS Nitro, Vario Scale S300C/1002/21 Gas. H9 Piper Pawnee 40 Nitro, AeroWorks Extra 300 Gas.
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