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08-16-2018 02:28 AM  33 months ago
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Having Thoughts of Heli's Again
Hello everyone my name is Dylan Richards and I Used to fly... years ago. In the midst of going through high school, off to college on a track scholarship and many other things I had to put the sticks down for awhile to prioritize. Now that college has come and gone and I have found myself into the real world, thoughts of flying again have been running through my head too often to not inquire. Essentially I feel the technology has come so far since I quit flying that I'm waaaaaay out of the know. At one time I had a few sponsorships, wore some gear for some people and flew what they gave me or what I bought from my preferred shop (Rons helipro's south). I don't have the contacts I used to for questioning so I am coming to the community. What are the top brands in reliability and performance? for servos, receivers, gyros, batteries, electric vs nitro, remotes, blade brands, and hell's in general? Sorry if it is a lot at once but I am really interested in knowing because I feel some flying time coming soon!

Dylan Richards
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08-16-2018 01:03 PM  33 months ago
Ronald Thomas


Gainesville, Fl, USA

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You will get MANY different opinions on this one but pretty much everyone makes a good helicopter. Not much trash out there so i say go with what floats your boat. As electronics go there are some great companies with great support out there as well so I would take a look on the forums, Facebook, IG and such and see who is still the leaders in the industry. I am COMPLETELY biased so I am not going to mention any specifics here, but if you look around (videos of IRCHA and other large or small events) you will soon what the pilots are flying.....RonTeam MikadoUSA 480XXTreme, 550SX, 600SX, 700XXTreme, 800XXTreme!!
08-16-2018 05:38 PM  33 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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Hi Dylan
Long time no talk to, glad to see you are interested in getting back in the hobby. I have kinda been taking a break as well. PM me and we can talk some more.

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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Having Thoughts of Heli's Again

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