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08-09-2018 12:41 AM  26 months ago
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London, UK

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Hello again my Robbe friends!
It has been a long journey since my first Robbe and since I was last on here regularly. It was around the end of 2012 that I started a Milli 2 electric conversion project. Right after that I got a Rave ENV electric and the Milli conversion got put in the proverbial slow lane.

Since then I have owned lots of helis, Henseleit, Minicopter, Kasama, Beam, JR, Compass, Helix gasser, Raptor gasser, and others.

In 2016 I moved house and then just lost my 'mojo' and drifted away from the hobby. I barely flew at all in 2017. But this year, when it finally started to warm up (about May) I got the enthusiasm back and got a new heli, a Shape S8, resumed building the Suzi Laos I bought in 2016 which is now almost ready to maiden, and I also built up a super cheap Trex 500.

Now... I am looking at my Milli electric / FBL conversion again. It was basically almost done when I left it. I recently got a BeastX plus HD with the pro firmware and I'm thinking about trying it on the Milli. (or possibly a Spartan VX1e).

Sooooooooooo, who is still flying a Robbe these days? I'm sure some of the usual suspects have moved on to other brands or perhaps even out of the hobby as some of my friends here in the UK have done in the last couple years.
08-11-2018 01:05 PM  26 months ago


Cascais, Portugal

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trillian who is still flying a Robbe these days?
Hi there Trillian,

I hope you're well in the UK. I don't think there's many of us left flying the old Robbe heli's. You and I entered the Robbe flying rather late (myself 2011), and perhaps the ones that are still flying them, from time to time, are not the most frequent internet users. Also, maybe some have been drawn into the drone side of the hobby or simply moved onto 911's ( ) and fancy wine.

Anyhow, I'm very happy that it's possible to go back in time and find old topics about these heli's on Runryder - it's been of great assistance to me, with nobody else around flying them.

I've recently got my Cuatro (96 nitro) out flying again and what a joy. I've downsized the main blades from an overkill 810mm to Edge 710mm and changed gearing to 7.54 (to get closer to engine manufactures specs). This one I've now returned to storage as fully ops normal.

Currently in the process of running in my first Zenoah Petrol (231PUH) Cuatro with four main blades and a 3 axis gyro. I'm really, really looking forward to getting this heli into the air and learn about the multi blade rotors and the interrelations with the 3 axis gyro. Also looking forward to the flight feeling with the lower head speeds and multi blades. Lot's more to learn and tweak. After this I'm lucky to have yet another Cuatro with a 3 blade head and planning on running MAH 810mm on this. Massive, beautiful blades, and I can sit and just look at those blades and be amazed.

Hopefully you have enough space in you new house for all your heli's, for me this is a current luxury problem as I'm tempo in a smaller apartment, and have it all in storage, beside from one heli at a time, that resides in the bedroom!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about that Milli electri conversion, and I'm sure you'll be doing well with it.

Cheers from Portugal,
Robbe Nova Cuatro Gas/Nitro, Futura Nova Nitro, Futura SS Nitro, Vario Scale S300C/1002/21 Gas. H9 Piper Pawnee 40 Nitro, AeroWorks Extra 300 Gas.
08-12-2018 09:57 PM  26 months ago


London, UK

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Well I can identify with both the practicality of newer or more readily available helis and also the whole losing of motivation. Yeah, I think I got my first Robbe about 2011. The very first one I got was a petrol Futura SE with a Zenoah G23 (basically the same as the PUH 231). But I didn't fly it very much and soon after that I got a nitro Futura and then I was really hooked.

I have a couple three blade helis, a Minicopter Triabolo 700 and a JR E8 Leggero. Both fly really nicely, there is a certain smoothness with three blades that's hard to describe and you have more spinning mass so you have the really stable feel but with lots of agility as well.

I have what I think is a good solution to converting the Milli to 3 servo CCPM. At the moment I have a Compass Knight 120 degree swash on it and have found how to locate the servos and still have clearance under the canopy etc. It does require some bellcranks but is much simpler than the whole rocking bucket setup and will save some weight as well as free up most of the front area for more options with LiPo placement. As soon as I get the servos mounted I'll get some pics.

Originally I started with the plan of keeping the System 88 but with FBL it's not really able to shine and what you need more is speed. I had set it up with a CY Total-G but what I'd rather do now is use a Spartan because my other 700s are using the Spartan and this way I can really compare objectively how it flies.

I got my first 800 this year, a Shape S8, just maidened it a few weeks ago and it flies great! It's pretty heavy though, a bit over 6kg with flight packs.

I have one other 'winter project' that is getting close now, it's a Suzi Laos 800. It's much lighter than the Shape so I am keen to see what it's like. I'm just at the very final stages of fitting battery straps and tidying up cables, trimming the canopy in a couple places etc. There's a bit of DIY required with the Suzi Laos as it was a very limited custom thing rather than a kit that you just bolt together. But I truly am excited to finally have an electric flybarless Robbe I can fly regularly :-)

Yeah, space is no problem now that I'm back in my own flat. When I was renting in London I really did get to a point where I had no more space!
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