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08-08-2018 08:45 PM  3 years ago
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Maple Creek, SK Canada

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Naza-M V2 with GPS/Compass Flight controller, new in sealed box
Naza V2-M GPS/Compass, new in sealed box, Price Reduced!! $100 USD obo.

All-in-one Design
DJI adheres to continuous innovation and improvement. With the new firmware, new attitude stabilization algorithm and optimized hardware structure, the Naza-M V2 provides better flight performance.
The innovative All-in-one design simplifies installation and saves space and weight. It contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer in its light and small Main Controller. It can measure flying altitude and attitude and therefore can be used for autopilot/automatic control.

Independent PMU with amazing function extension
The Naza PMU V2 has enhanced BEC functionality and provides extendable CAN BUS ports, which can support iOSD, Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal (pitch control). Support is also included for optional Bluetooth LED module to allow parameter adjustment via a mobile APP (future firmware upgrade required for this functionality)

Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algorithm
The latest fourth generation attitude stabilization algorithm not only inherits the outstanding flight stability of DJI products, but also provides excellent maneuverability even without the GPS module. It is more flexible and stable, and gives the hobbyists a wonderful flight experience. New features have been included such as GPS course automatic compensation, GPS & Compass sensor calibration, new take-off mode and so on.

Nine Types of Multi-rotors Supported
Naza-M V2 now supports nine types of multi-rotor, which meets the different needs of the enthusiasts.
Quad I, Quad X;
Hexa I, Hexa V, Hexa Y, Hexa IY;
Octo X, Octo I, Octo V; ( Naza-M V2 does not support the aircraft which has large vibration, so when you choose to use hexa-rotor or octo-rotor, please use the vibration dampening devices accordingly.

Multiple Flight Control Modes/Intelligent Switching
It offers three types of control modes: GPS Atti. Mode (with GPS module), Atti. Mode, Manual Mode. The pilot can switch between the three modes to achieve different flight characteristics. It also can adjust automatically within the flight environment and intelligently switch between GPS Atti. Mode and Atti. Mode to make sure the flight is safe and secure. In the software at the position of the manual mode you can choose manual, attitude or failsafe; it supports one key failsafe trigger.

GPS Module Available/Accurate Position Hold
The plug and play GPS module will greatly enhance the performance for Aerial Photography with accurate Position Hold, Return-To-Home and Intelligent Orientation Control functionalities. With the GPS Module, the multi-rotor will have position and altitude locked accurately even in windy conditions. Hovering accuracy is approximately 2.5m horizontal and 0.8m vertical.

Weight MC:27g
PMU: 28g
GPS: 27g
LED: 13g
Dimensions MC: 45.5 x 32.5 x 18.5mm
PMU: 39.5 x 27.5 x 10.0mm
GPS & Compass 46(diameter)x10mm
LED: 25 x 25 x 7.0mm
Working Voltage Range MC: 4.8V~5.5V
VU Input: 7.4V ~ 26.0 V (recommend 2S ~ 6S LiPo)
Output(V-SEN port red wire): 3A@5V (burst current:7.5A)
Power Consumption MAX: 3.15W(0.25A@12.6V)
Normal: 1.638W(0.13A@12.6V)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Assistant Software System Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Supported ESC output 400Hz refresh frequency
Recommended Transmitter PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 4 channels
Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode) Vertical: ±0.8m
Horizontal: ±2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity 200°/sMax Tilt Angle 35°
Ascent / Descent 6m/s,4.5m/s
Built-In Functions Multiple Autopilot Control Mode
Enhanced Fail-safe
Low Voltage Protection
S-Bus Receiver Support
PPM Receiver Support
Independent PMU Module
2-axle Gimbal Support
Supported Multi-rotor: Quad-rotor I4, X4, Hex-rotor I6, X6, IY6, Y6
Octo-rotor , I8 ,V8 ,X8

• All-In-One Compact Multi-Rotor Autopilot System
• Supports 9 Different of Multi-Rotor Configurations, Ideal for DJI F450/F550 and E Series Tuned Propulsion Systems
• New Assistant Software for Smartphones
• Free Ground Station
• Take-Off Assistance
• Multiple Flight Control Modes and Intelligent Switching
• GPS Module Available for Accurate Position Stabilization
• Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
• Supports General, PPM, and S-Bus Receivers
• Arm/Disarm Modes for Safe Motor Starting
• 2-Axis Gimbal Stabilization
• Two Levels of Low Voltage Warnings and Protection
• Single Motor Failure Protection
• Supports Remote Gain Adjustment from the Transmitter
• Enhanced Failsafe Features, Including Auto Return-to-Home
Compatible with DJI Video Downlink, iOSD, Ground Station, ZH4-3D/H3-3D Gimbals, and Future Products.

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Home🏬 Classifieds✈️AircraftMulti-Rotor🏬e-Classifieds - Multi-Rotor Sold  Naza-M V2 with GPS/Compass Flight controller, new in sealed box

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