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08-07-2018 08:18 PM  3 years ago
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Longmont, CO

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In some of the AMA / FAI F3C competition videos posted online, a slender vertical pole, sometimes with a tripod base, is present at some distance in front of the pilot along the helipad centerline. A great example appears on the very last page of the July 31, 2018 NATSNEWS newsletter, It's possibly a 2m reference height but I find no description in the AMA or FAI F3C rules.

What is the purpose, usage, placement (distance from helipad center) and height of this reference?

Do judges reference it for scoring?

Is it always present at AMA NATS Class I, II, III contest layouts?

Thanks in advance.
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08-08-2018 01:21 AM  3 years ago
ErichF (RIP)

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Sutton, NH

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Only contest I saw that used a center reference pole was the Nats. Many local contests would paint the center reference line away from the central landing pad, though.
08-08-2018 02:53 AM  3 years ago
Robert "Full" Montee


Fredericksburg, Virginia

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That post shows the pilot and center judge how far off center the heli is. In real life that post appears much further away than that photo.Robert "Full" Montee | Team Futaba | Team Kontronik | TellARotor RC Podcast
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