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07-19-2018 05:18 PM  19 months ago
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About the Changes we see
Here is a story about a tiny barbershop in my home town...

maybe it has some relevance to what is happening here with RR... maybe not, either way its a story I'd like to share with you all..

The Barbershop had 4 service chairs and a bench along the wall... one vending machine with sodas and a three selection gumball machine with gum, nuts and candy. Two older men sometimes three where cutting hair etc. They smelled great by what I remember and always dressed wth short sleeve pressed/starched dress shirts meant to be worn untucked and dress slacks, always clean shaved too. New electric old school clippers, scissors and even the shave creme machine... and not one F-ing hair brush or loud blow dryer in sight nor the nasty acetone smell of hair dye products.

then the town grew, and in came the supercuts, so the barbershop thought it needed to up its game... to pull in the younger clientele... thinking it could make more money.

So it added a Hair Salon to the back side...

that stunt killed the Barbershop.

The owner failed to realize that although the supercuts was pulling in younger guys (they did have a cute girl or two)... the supercuts was also not pulling in older guys with more money that wanted the real deal. Shaves, Beard trimming, old school haircuts along with conversation and jokes that interests older more mature men, a place where everyone knew everyone else. A place where men could talk about man things without offending the ladies... A place men could talk like men about man stuff without having to deal with the eye rolling crap nor the loud blow dryers and the nasty acetone smell.

If it would have stayed true to itself, it would still be in business today... maybe not flowing with money like the supercuts, but it would have dedicated clientele that went there specifically for the same reasons they had been since they were little boys. Cause it was the "MAN" place to get a haircut, a place to get away from the BS cuck world we live in.
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07-20-2018 12:11 AM  19 months ago
Jerry K

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I am personally offended by your last line, I would like you to remove it.

Not really
07-20-2018 02:02 AM  19 months ago

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I'd add Boy Scouts to the same list as the barbershop. It used to be a place where - wait for it - boys, could go and learn to be - boys. Since being a trany is something to be proud of and being a boy is now a sin, the Boy Scouts dropped "boy" from their name and now accepts girls. That should just about kill that organization. There are only two words in their name, Boy and Scouts. They appear to have lost 50% of what they are with the admission of girls.

I wonder... Do the Girl Scouts admit others that aren't girls? The answer would seem obvious but given my loss of touch with today's reality, maybe it isn't. Can a 50+ year old man join the girl scouts?* (Don't you judge me!)

*So that no one misunderstands, of course I'm asking hypothetically to make a point. If girls are allowed in the Boy Scouts, then are men allowed in the Girl Scouts? It's an If/Then statement that should have returned a False at the If step.
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07-20-2018 05:11 AM  19 months ago



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wjvail Can a 50+ year old man join the girl scouts?* Don't you judge me!
you can join only if my horse Edward can join too, he has been wanting to join for 8 years now, he will not sign up because he thinks the girls will look at him,,, yo-u kn-ow..

know what yanked on my change yesterday, I went to the hardware store, I needed 20 #5 wood screws 3/4 inch long, they only had one kind, well they were $0.40 each, X 20 =$8, I told them I would not pay the price, I went to the Depot Home oF, no #5 wood screws there

yes sir, this is were we are today
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