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07-15-2018 04:57 PM  3 years ago
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Helicopter Drag Racing Rules
MHSFA set of rules we have been using during OHB and Spring Fling, and for the upcoming IRCHA Jamboree Drag Races:

One class: Run-what-you-brung!

1. 100 meter course. (If site and safety permits) If not, it will be as close to the
100 meters as possible, will announce the distance.

2. Only two machines at the time.(if the Matrix is not even number there is a chance to have a bye run (single heli). In case of a bye, the heli still must complete 2 passes in order to advance. (A 3 or 4 way drag race may be possible if manpower is available)

3. Standing start, voice three count, until we make a Christmas tree, hopefully soon.

4. Single elimination, 2 out of 3 runs. As soon as a competitor wins 2 races, they advance to the next round and the loser is eliminated. *

5. In case of a tie during a pass, an additional run, or "one more time" will occur until we determine a clear winner.

6. When the heli is flown back to the start box it should return at a safe pace, and the rotor must be kept at a safe speed i.e. NOT IDLE UP. Maneuvering is allowed ONLY at the far end of the course but No 3D, or maneuvers including flips will occur on the return leg. Failure to adhere to these measures will result in instant disqualification.

7. PPE: Contestants and course officials will wear helmets, as well as any callers/mechanics and allowed media workers (that's you Bill )
MHSFA will have a pair of loaner helmets available, but we encourage contestants to bring their own. Helmets must have an approve standard such as DOT, Snell, ANSI, or similar. Bicycle, skate, hockey helmets and tyipcal hard hats are allowed. Eye protection such as or safety glasses or goggles are highly encouraged.

*In some instances when the matrix has odd numbers, the race officiators will use what is called the "fastest loser" qualification and this competitor will move to the next round. If this is used on that days format it will be announce prior to the event. SO you know, that competitor will race the fastest qualifier in the field.

Model Helicopter Speed Flying Association
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterSpeed - Performance - Drag Race › Helicopter Drag Racing Rules

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