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05-24-2018 06:12 PM  6 months agoPost 1


Manahawkin NJ

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Spektrum ix12 just picked one up wondering if you guys who have one like it? Im using vbar for fbl looking forward to setting up via radio

Mabey one day i will actually land one of these things !!

05-24-2018 08:07 PM  6 months agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Moline, il

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I've really liked it. Easy to use just be patient as it is slow to respond to user touch. Get online and get the newest firmware asap then go have fun. I just got a dx20 and will decide which to keep.

05-24-2018 09:31 PM  6 months agoPost 3


Zachary, Louisiana

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Hope this thread picks up. I fly Mainly Helis and quads, but have some planes. Want to hear how a heli guy like this tx. I have been with JR for ever. ama#: 968515

05-30-2018 10:21 PM  6 months agoPost 4
Joe Jet


CA & Japan

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I am recently reintroduced to RC helis in December Last copters were a GMP cricket and .50 Hirobo back in the 80s haha Anyway, I have a DX6 G2 and a DX9. I like both of those very much Just got used programming those The iX12 requires a bit of set up and mostly patience I have gotten used to the power management and sleeping it between flights Being an iPhone guy the Android interface took a little getting used to as well Programming uses the same concepts, but no roller It is all touchscreen instead The most confusing part was realizing that you can assign a single program setting to multiple switch positions eg If you use switch F for dual rate selection, F has 3 positions 0, 1, & 2. I rarely use more than 2 different rates, but like to set 2 to the same as position 1 in case I bump the sw down Well you only have to program 0 and 1 and you can assign 1 to position 2 as well without having to program 2 This is also true for Throttle and Pitch curves Once you realize this it is convenient

I have imported setup files for the 230S, 450X, 330X, 360CFX Trio and manually programmed for a 550X I also had someone send me a file for a Trex 700 from their DX9 that I intend to import as well That DX9 file went to my gmail, so I think I can just open my gmail on the iX12 and download it Also, there was added convenience in already having the Gmail account as the google store uses the same sign in credentials.

So far I have only flown the 230S and the 450X with it. The 450X was a wild child that I acquired from someone else used They had the AR7200 settings all whacked out and the Blade setup file had the gyro and rud servo reversed, another weird story. Because of that I had to do a bit more tinkering with the menus in the 12 to set that 450X up so learned a bit from that Got that 450X flying beautifully now

It would be really nice if in the future you could program an AR7210BX from the iX12 live like the Mikado setup

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Spektrum DSM › Spektrum ix12 just picked one up wondering if you guys who have one like it?
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