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05-29-2018 12:10 PM  3 years ago


Vernal UT USA

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Ive definitely spent some time tweaking 2 strokes. All of those things definitely can cause problems, i try and avoid them with a good preflight.

Back when we were prototyping the Radikal G20 and G30, we were working with Wally modified engines. He had us test various mixtures, and absolutely beat the TAR out of them. I ran everything from 32:1 at the richest, clear to 100:1 and clear to the highest of the acceptable temp range. These engines are EXTREMELY robust. not to mention 50:1 is still quite a bit of oil. It lubricates the engine internals very very well. Most of the high power gas 2 strokes run 100-125:1 ratio. That always seemed scary to me. My wally engine that took all that beating is still in my G20 today, and runs perfect. I probably put 2 very hard testing gallons thru it at 100:1, and probably 6-8 gallons of 50:1, which is what i run today. Ethanol free is a very very big factor here. Keep that corn piss out of your fuel, it will run great.
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05-29-2018 01:47 PM  3 years ago


The Villages, Florida

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I ran Amsoil @ 50~60:1 on both gasser helis I had (Xcel and Bergen) and on a Super Cub on floats and a 1/4 scale Pitts.... all of the above with Zenoah motors. (G23, G26 and G62)

I also ran the SAME mix in all of my 2 cycle lawn maintenance equipment

Worked a treat.....
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05-30-2018 03:03 AM  3 years ago



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Thanks fastflyer20 for the info., I agree with you on the carbs., the best method I have found on some is after removing all rubber parts soaking and spraying with carb cleaner; and also I'll check on the air filters.
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