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05-18-2018 11:04 PM  6 months agoPost 1


Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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Is there any one in here who works an online business? are they worth while investing in? I know the one i am looking at is legit. are there any others?

This would be an awesome way to make extra for my heli collection,

Fly like you borrowed it!! Land like you stole it!! visit

05-18-2018 11:09 PM  6 months agoPost 2



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My wife has two of them....very hard and lot of capital needed. I am not 100% sure if it is worth it?

Gov't and Market forces against people making money is very very strong.

05-18-2018 11:15 PM  6 months agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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Send me $10,000 and I PROMISE to double it in the near future.
Ok, maybe the far future.
Ok, maybe I will never return your phone calls.

If you have to ask us for investment advise, you are deep trouble.

Never "invest" in something you don't understand (and asking guys on a helicopter forum means you don't understand how it makes money),
Never invest in a stock that has a sub-$1 stock value (penny stocks)
Only invest in a stock or company you are willing to hang onto for at least 3 to 5 years.

Seriously, checkout The Motley Fool web site

They are not a broker so they don't sell anything.
They TEACH you how to invest properly for the long term.
Gov't and Market forces against people making money is very very strong
This is really only true if you are trying to make a quick buck.

Believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear.
Fake News will be the downfall of our Republic!

05-18-2018 11:42 PM  6 months agoPost 4
spaceman spiff

rrKey Veteran


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Wish I could have invested in this obscure little on line biz called Amazon.

With that said there are an unlimited supply of folks asking for your money, beware. I have resisted a couple dozen attempts to draw me into deals, and I have never regretted saying no. A guy I used to work with wanted me to invest in properties in a dead mining town. He had lots of enthusiasm for the idea because the deal was - I plunk down all of the cash to buy it, and he gets to own half of property, and half the rents (in the unlikely event a renter is found). He had spent money on a goofy seminar, he put together reports to make it look legit... I declined of course.

If you are looking to build your own on line biz, I highly recommend the book "4 Hour Work Week". I know a lady who sold hand crafted Hair Clips. Folks were making them somewhere in Africa, they were being sent to an order fulfillment warehouse here in Tucson, and a website was doing all the sales work. The customers enter their credit card data, fill out their own address data, so all she had to do was get up every Saturday morning, download the data and email it off to the warehouse. Once it was all set up she was pulling in a couple grand every month on less than an hour a week.

05-19-2018 03:40 AM  6 months agoPost 5
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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Everyone has great ideas and random encounters with missed opportunities, but how many believe in themselves enough to take immediate consistant daily action!!?

If you want success .. study success. If you want to invest .. study investment.

I posted and mention opportunities, where we could even offset our wonderful hobby.

Opportunity is everywhere ...few are open to welcome it.

05-19-2018 07:16 AM  6 months agoPost 6


Fresno, ca usa

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Motley fools or you can also look into zacks ultimate. They are both good. I am with zacks.

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