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Russia/Syria forces on the west side of the Euphrates River. American and SDF forces on the east side of the Euphrates River.

It all started with a massing of Russian/Syrian forces around 500 troops along with their tanks, bmp's and artillery on the west side of the Euphrates river. USA responded calling the special hotline to ask if these people are any way related to Russia's military. Russia's response was "no". USA military started seeing special military construction of bridge across the Euphrates River. USA opened a dam up north of this artificial bridge and swept it away. USA continued seeing military equipment transporting troops and military hardware across the Euphrates river. USA reminded Russia/Syria of de-confliction zones. Russia continues to deny that these were her troops or mercenaries.

The attack started suddenly from Russian/Syrian Mercenaries with shelling of US Base 5 miles east of the Euphrates River. Once again we asked Russia, and the response was "no".

As 500 enemy troops stormed towards the US Base in full fury, the US Military swung into action with precision strikes, F-22, F15E, B-1B Bombers, B-52 Bombers, AH-64 Apaches, MQ-9 drones, AC-130 gunships, Marine Expeditionary precision artillery strikes, Marine Expeditionary precision rocket strikes and special forces embedded with SDF forces called in precision strikes.

As hell was being rained from above on enemies during the first 3 hours were wiped out by 80%. The remaining 20% retreated during the later 3 hour battle. Mad Dog, wasn't going to play checkers here. Here comes the rolling THUNDER AC-130 Gunships raining shells upon the remaining 20% left over as they retreated for their lives. The defeated foes communications were intercepted with chaotic cries of help and being slaughtered.

Here is a message, Russia's hybrid wars are finish.

You can watch all this communication at the pentagon.

My final thoughts, I had no idea we had the ability to kill so many enemies without sending a single infantry unit to the war zone.

My goodness, US are a bunch of Bad ASSES!

03-01-2018 05:51 AM  8 months agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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It is amazing what the US military can do when there isn't an imbecile like O'Bumbles holding it back. And this probably was nowhere near full capacity . . .

And I hope the message was heard loud and clear: The USA is open for business, and will no longer tolerate being f**ked with!

Friends don't let friends become electrotarded . . . .

03-01-2018 01:30 PM  8 months agoPost 3
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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If I hear one more time"but when Obama was there, we were so loved and respected around the globe", I'm gonna explode. Firstly, no we weren't and we haven't been since the end of WWII. Secondly, other countries might have looked favorably on HIM personally, because he was grabbing his ankles (and OUR checkbook) and apologizing to every nation that would give him an audience.

03-01-2018 04:28 PM  8 months agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran

Phenix City, Alabama

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I believe the rules of engagement have changed.

God bless our troops!!

Roy Mayoral

03-01-2018 05:44 PM  8 months agoPost 5



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New Sheriff in Town and his name is D Trump.

Got to have my cup of heli in the morning.

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › Russia/Syria and US Marine Expeditionary/Special Forces had a 6 hour battle in Syria
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