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Long story short, I hot started 2 weekends ago due to forgetting to put my bank switch back to 1 (direct throttle) while starting in motor switch - run position.

The reason for starting in 'motor on' was because i needed to advance the throttle slightly to start a cold engine; and manually adjusting global idle is a hassle. It worked well for few gallons of my first nitro on vcontrol. Then, it bit me.

So, in the interest of saving my sanity, my thumb skin, and clutch liners, Rainer at Mikado suggested making a macrocells mix that will allow one of the poti knobs to be used like a trim tab that we (I) have been used to prior to vcontrol.

So, if you're interested, here's the steps to replicate--or you can just follow along in the video below as I fiddle with the settings to achieve the proper goal.

1. note your current global idle setting, and make a mark on the throttle barrel.
2. advance your global idle to the maximum "trim" you'd ever need to get your heli going--for example on a cold day, or maybe just a tired engine. note that VALUE AND make a mark on the throttle barrel
3. just for giggles, mark your throttle kill location on the throttle barrel as well just so you know where it is while adjusting all the points later.
4. Set your NEW global throttle to 1/2 the delta between old global idle and the max idle advance you noted. For example: if your current global idle is 12; and your max global idle advance is 36, the difference is 24. So, add 1/2 that value to the old global value: 12 + 12 = 24 new global idle.
5. On your vcontrol go to setup-macrocells-edit macrocells; scroll over to ESC10 and change it from 'none' to 'mixer'
6. Set the first value to FC ESC
7. Set the first mixer number to near 80 (or -80)--whichever value CLOSES your throttle as the value is increased.
8. Set 'poti 1' as the knob to control the mix
9. Set the step size value to about 5-6 (or -5 to -6--it will be pos or neg, just as the first value)

This should get you in the ball park for the pot knob controlling from your old idle value to the max idle value noted in step 2 above. Adjust your global idle to adjust the center point if it's min and max are not hitting their marks; adjust the step size if the knob's full throw is too small or large.

With this mix, there is now ZERO reason to ever have to start a nitro heli with the motor switch in the run position. So, if you leave the bank switch in 2 (like I always have done in the past because it's not an issue with electrics), there is no negative consequence.

If you want to skip my narrative for why I enabled the mix in the first place, skip to 4:06 for the how-to

Watch at YouTube

if it ain't broke, break it.

 1 page 258 views POST REPLY
HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Mikado VBAR Control System › howto: use macrocells to set a poti knob as throttle advance for starting nitro
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