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02-09-2018 04:09 PM  17 months ago
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solihull, uk

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Futaba TX Charging
I've just purchased a Futaba TX with a power supply of 6 volts NiMh 2500mAh eneloop batteries (6 cells). I thought 6 cells should be rated at 7.2 volts.
My charger can only be set-up in increments of cells, eg. 5 cells 6 volts, 6 cells 7.2 volts. If I charge at 6 cells is there a chance I can destroy the pack, if I charge at 5 cells will the charger like this considering it is looking for a 5 cell configuration and it has a 6 cell pack attached.
Do I need to purchase a different charger?
Thank you in advance.
02-09-2018 06:21 PM  17 months ago


The Villages, Florida

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I believe that the cells are rated at 1.25 resting voltage so that would equal 7.5 volts. Fully charged at 1.5 volts per cell or 9 + volts total for the pack .....

What specific charger are you using ???

More info on batteries here:
Been there, done that and old enough to know better.....
02-10-2018 10:44 AM  17 months ago


Punta de Mata, Monagas-Venezuela

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No problem charging six cells with a six cells charger.

Charger handle current to charge cells and to control, handle delta peak voltage and don't care about cell voltage output.

Charge controlling time... So 12-15 hrs according to your charger would be enough.
Nicd cells have different delta peak setting than nimh cells and that is why chargers Are not the Same.

Cell voltage output is related to the voltage the cell provides to your TX when it is under load.

So, differences between cells of 1.2 and 1.5 volts are related to how quemistry of cells behave.

Saludos cordiales,
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