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Hi, I am looking at reducing the overall vibration in a wildcat helicopter for my university course. due to the cost i am obviously unable to use a real life wildcat so am looking to use a radio controlled helicopter to prove my concept works.

I need to measure the phase of the main rotor head so i can then ensure the dc motor i will use as a “shaker” will be 180 degrees out of phase. due to the size of the rc helicopter would it be better to use an optical sensor or accelerometers to obtain this information?
Thank you in advance for your expert opinion and input

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A 3 axis accelerometer that can measure x,y and z where you can sort out the different axis should work well. Test without DC motor as a baseline and compare to the results with the DC motor connected.

Here is one choice that I have used, combined with an elogger you will be able to chart the acceleration.

CAUTION - my posts are based on my experiences, yours may be different.

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You will be better served with an accelerometer.

There are many methods for offsetting vibration that are effective and static but it sounds like you are looking to demonstrate an active system.

What about to eccentric weights that can be positioned with active positioners so that they can be manipulated against each other to apply offsets from zero to maximim weight at a controled angle to the rotor ? That can allow changing the offset amount and angle during rotor operation and will always be synchronous with the rotor.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Reduced vibration
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