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02-06-2018 02:08 PM  10 months agoPost 41
Peter Wales

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Orlando Fl

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Chris has defined his own terms for running a turbine. When the early Wrens would not spool down from full power to idle, he set the throttle up a little to stop the turbine shutting off. This he defined as flight idle.

What he now refers to as idle is in fact full power!

Chris, may I suggest putting the led inside a small tube to shield the sunlight. I have no problems seeing the led on my heli, in Florida in brilliant sunshine with the sun in front of me

Peter Wales

02-06-2018 02:23 PM  10 months agoPost 42

rrKey Veteran

Indianapolis, IN USA

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What I mean is after the turbine spools up to idle speed and steady, the LED from the ECU will go out, as of a Jakadofsky turbine. At that time I can add pitch. Sometimes it is very difficult to see that LED under bright sun light.
I dont use the LED on my Jakadofsky. I just listen to it. It is pretty obvious (at least to me) when the turbine has stabilized at full power RPM.

If you have telemetry reading turbine RPM you could set up an alarm or audible readout of turbine RPM. For example, my Jaka is specd to run at 98,000 RPM. I could set up a "low rpm alarm" at say 96,500rpm (or any RPM of your choice). This alarm would sound at any RPM below 96,500. So during spoolup, this alarm would be sounding, then the alarm would go silent at 96,500 RPM. Once the alarm goes silent, you know you are pretty much at full power RPM. Take off and fly.


02-07-2018 12:51 AM  10 months agoPost 43

rrElite Veteran


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Like prev 2 posters, I hear when it is up to idle and ready to fly ( Jetcat PHT3)as on my PHT3 the LED lights are hidden inside the canopy.. but I can understand if your deaf, I fly with a friend in my club who is deaf and communicates with BSL,(British Sign Language) ( I am Fluent in BSL) he has a light on outside of his turbine canopy which lights up bright once at idle, I don't know how he did it as he had to solder or splice on his jetcat LED board, which I guess would invalidate any warranty..

As to the wren which I also fly with on my zealous I have never messed around with Idle and flight idle, I found it just confusing, I flew on a properly setup throttle curve ( as I would with Nitro)I knew at mid stick my throttle was at a certain RPM capable of lifting off as I tacoed it when first setting up, with these Wren turbines most of the time once set you leave the curve alone.. the only time i adjusted was when carrying a heavy camera and flying in high altitudes.. as I had to change the length of blades... but that's just side info..

All The Best

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HomeTurbineAircraftHelicopterTurbine Helicopters › Considering getting into a turbine heli.
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