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12-21-2017 03:33 PM  12 months agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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So the story is... It may be the season for giving - but it's also the season for taking. Throughout the city were I live someone has been robbing mailboxes at 2 in the morning. I presume they are looking for cash and gift cards. The first night they came through we woke up with Christmas cards to kids and grandkids sprinkled all over our neighborhood. How ****ty is that? "Dear Suzy. Hope you had a good first year in college. We didn't know what to get you so we got you a gift card to OutBack. Maybe you can have something other than Ramen noodles for Christmas dinner. Love, Grandma and Grandpa."

Anyway. While they didn't get anything from us (me and my wife), I really hate thieves and I don't like the idea of dope fiends cruising my neighborhood every night. I and my neighbors have video of them helping themselves but no one has a clear picture of their face or a car tag number. All of the pictures and video are too far away. In the case of the video I have, it's from a Nest camera I have setup to video people approaching the front door and of whatever packages might have been left on the porch.

My plan is to put a Nest camera out by the street. My WiFi reaches that far but I don't have 115V power out there. For those that don't know, Nest cameras are powered by a USB plug. What I'd like to do is put a big battery in an ammo can for weather proofing and put a USB port on the side of the can to connect the camera.

I need help sourcing a weather resistant USB port for the side of my ammo can. I'm envisioning something like a model "fuel dot" but instead of a fueling port, there would be a USB port. I'd like to find something that would allow me to cut a 1" hole in my can and mount a port that would connect to a battery inside the can and offer a USB port outside the can.

Any ideas on a port? Any ideas on stopping these sticky fingered bastards?

I want to put this in an Ammo Can and put it out by the mailbox with a Nest Camera.

"Well, nothing bad can happen now."

12-21-2017 04:22 PM  12 months agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

charlotte nc

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Get a throw away cord from a gas station $5-10. Then silicon the area heavily. Problem solved. Good luck. Id be hiding in the bushes or a parked car with a paintball gun.

only you have the power to make no difference!

12-21-2017 04:28 PM  12 months agoPost 3



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If it were me, I would use some of my trail cameras. They would perfect for this. -You are hunting them, aren't you. Then again you could booby-trap a mailbox, stink bomb or something...

12-21-2017 05:00 PM  12 months agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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You left mail in the box overnight?
Do you also leave your front door unlocked?

They steal packages off my front porch in the middle of the day around here.
They follow the UPS / FedEx truck around and then run up to the porch and grab the packages.

Or, they will be walking through the neighborhood pushing an empty baby stroller and look for packages to grab as they walk through the neighborhood - then stuff them in the stroller.

They also follow the USPS truck at the end of the month and look for SSI checks to steal.

There are cameras all over the neighborhood / city.
The problem isn't recording their faces in the act - it is identifying them after.

It could be an opioid addicted resident needing some quick cash to score.
Or, one of your neighbors.

Either way, the police will most likely yawn and say the amount stolen isn't high enough to track them down.

Be aware: They stole something from YOUR mailbox.
They know where you live.
So, if you decide on retaliation, be aware of the consequences.
"Stink bomb or something" will lead to "Payback"
As they say, "Paybacks a bitch".

I used to live in Pass Christian, MS.
Everyone is packing in Mississippi.
Hit them with a paintball gun, you will get your freaking head blown off.
Set off a stink bomb in the mailbox, they will burn your house down.

Welcome to 2017

Believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear.
Fake News will be the downfall of our Republic!

12-21-2017 05:50 PM  12 months agoPost 5
spaceman spiff

rrKey Veteran


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Not sure if these are quite what you are looking for. There are a few waterproof bulk head mount USBs.

Hope you catch the bastard. I would be tempted to put a bear trap in there and take his arm off. Yes, just tempted, relax.

12-21-2017 06:07 PM  12 months agoPost 6
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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Cheaper route,loc:2

And a zip lock bag.

There are higher capacity available as well.

If you want to use ammo can, no hole needed. Just cut rubber gasket by corner on hinged end. Cable should pass free and not get pinched.

A lockable mail box best of all options.

~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~

12-21-2017 10:32 PM  12 months agoPost 7


Orlando Florida ...28N 81W

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This may not help, but these can scare a pkg thief.

I think about the hereafter. I go somewhere to get something, then wonder what I'm here after ?

12-21-2017 11:22 PM  12 months agoPost 8
Dan Minick

rrKey Veteran

Columbus, WI

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Got any friends with a 50BMG? If your feeling frisky a single shot to the engine bay will send a message. If not, I can make you a couple blanks to fire off. Surplus at 2.75 a round makes this the most economical solution

Team Synergy, Team FBL Rotors-------if its not will be!

12-22-2017 02:55 PM  12 months agoPost 9

rrKey Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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Some great ideas. Thank you.

We may end up with some game cameras near the entrances of the neighborhood. There are only 2 ways into and out of the 'hood and one of them is an alley. Game cams are easy to place, don't require external power or WiFi and can be left for days without needing attention. There are also limitations.

At my house I will continue with my goal of putting up a Nest camera. Because they are connected to the internet, they will record 10 days of high definition video. Because the video is not stored in the camera, it doesn't matter if it is damaged or stolen - the video is on the Nest servers. Also, I have access to the video on my phone or laptop anywhere in the world plus I get instant alerts via text, email or both.

spaceman spiff: Your suggestion was very close and enormously helpful. I was struggling for how to search for what I was looking for. Searching for "pannel mount USB" was the secret. It seems obvious now but I was drawing a blank. I have the item listed below on the way.

GyroFreak: No less than three people texted me the "Bang Box" yesterday - including my wife. They all said this looked something I'd do. Of course they are right but mine would have more bang! I'm not sure if the laws are the same in Mississippi as Washington (state) but I can't live with the liability. As irritating as it is having stuff taken, it would 10X more irritating to wake up with a law suit from a democrat claiming he sprained his ankle on my lawn while living the thug life. Would it ever happen? Don't know. But I can't live with the possibility.

Dan: I think you're assuming I don't have a 50cal. Actually I don't but I'd have one by this afternoon if I thought it'd help. Unfortunately given the density of homes in my 'hood, there is no way to fire a Barrett without hitting 5 houses.

TickedOff 8: That was quite a lecture. It sounds like California is quite the ghetto. Possibly if the people of California were in a better position to protect their society, they wouldn't be such victims.?.?

There are few things you got very wrong and a few you got very right. Since reporting the thefts, an unmarked police car has spent the hours between 11pm and 3am in the driveway across the street. The police have been extremely responsive. They don't like crooks any more than I do and they would love to arrest someone messing with mail boxes at 2am. That crime alone isn't much of a catch but they would then have a reason to look in the rest of the car and run the ID of these citizens ripping the entire city off. Ya kinda missed on that one.

Something you nailed is that EVERYONE in Mississippi is packing. Everyone. While I live in a neighborhood of mostly white collar, college graduates, I can't name a person that doesn't own an AR. My 100 pound wife and daughter both have concealed carry permits. I have everything from a 17HMR through 308 and Mossberg. The other day I was at the flying field and showed my buddies my new S&W M&P 9mm Kurz. The funny part came when everyone else reached in their pocket an pulled out their favorite carry item. If anyone cares to visit my home without invitation, there is a 9mm Beretta with a suppressor, laser/light, and 30 rounds on the nightstand. I really just want to live and let live but if you enter my home unannounced, I'm prepared to backup my request you leave.

Anyway. Thanks for the help guys. I'll keep working on this.

"Well, nothing bad can happen now."

12-22-2017 03:33 PM  12 months agoPost 10


Columbus, Mississippi

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Hey Bill,

I am of the simple/stupid type of design here. Ammo can and a panel USB port. Coat the port with Corrosion-X and you've got no worries about moisture. Hell, it could be submerged and it would still be OK.


J. B. Jones

01-05-2018 02:05 AM  11 months agoPost 11


42½ N, 83½ W

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Why not just put an exploding paint can in the box. Something like dye packs that banks use to put in the bag of stolen money.

Should make it easier to find the perp.

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