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Axon Gov setup

So after you setup your model through the setup wizard you will want to setup your throttle endpoints for your max and min throttle once you do this you will want to take your heli and crank it up and setup your idle once you have done this you will go into the Axon and enable gov for nitro.

So now that gov is enabled for nitro you will want to go to your
diagnostics page in the axon and move your throttle stick to max throttle and what ever that number is in your throttle circle you will set that as you max throttle in the gov window .

So max throttle position = max servo travel you have set in your remote for throttle. 

Then the next thing you will want to do is set up 3 flight modes your normal should start at zero and then be a flat curve. I find good luck with 0 then 5 flight all the way across
once you have your normal set up to 0% the 5% flat you will want to go back to the diagnostic page and put your throttle stick at half stick in normal the number you see will be your max idle position .

Your max idle position is just to be able to rev your motor slightly up to clear it out in normal mode.

Your next flight mode which is stunt one will be a flat curve and i would set this at 50% flat and stunt 2 60% flat curve 
these can be adjusted for more or less head speed by bringing up or dropping the values .

SPOOL UP TIME is how long it takes the heli to spool up 
WAIT TIME is how long it takes for gov to initialize .

So if spool up time is 6 and wait time is 4 it will take 10 seconds for the heli to be initialize gov and be able to be taken off.

Once you have done this it will be time to fly the heli with the gov.

STEP ONE in normal flight mode go to mid stick
(heli should idle up a little bit but the blades should not spin )
step 2 switch into stunt 1 without moving throttle stick and keep heli on the ground until you hear the heli rev up then drop back down once you have heard this you may lift the heli off and go into stunt 2 .


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 1 page 255 views POST REPLY
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