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12-15-2017 01:25 PM  11 months agoPost 1



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Trump didn't start this issue, I believe Obama did.

I think it is time to redeploy our missiles from tactical, land based, air and submarines retrofitted with maximum nuclear yield.

The four countries itching to wipe America off the map would be Russia, China, N Korea and Iran. These are the four primary countries looking to uproot the current world order of American influence since the end of WW2.

I don't claim that America is always on the right side of every issue, but the decision has been made to wipe America off the map by our enemies.

1) More virgina class submarines with MIRV's intermediate range nuke missiles.

2)I would like to see 100 missiles capable of carrying 12 MIRV's with 50 megaton hydrogen warheads each. The power of one missile with 12 MIRV's will wipe out the size of Texas. This is precisely what the Russians have deployed against the USA.

3)Intermediate range nukes with MIRV's redeployed to EU and UK.

4)Mini shuttle to retrofit all satellite in space with detonation at the flip of the switch. Blind the enemy's ability to see.

5)MIRV nukes deployed in space

We need to make it clear, attacking America will only ensure your demise as well! Yes, those four primary countries I mention are "nuts enough" to use nuclear weapons as a first strike against the USA! This is why China and Russia will use Iran and N Korea to attack us. What they don't understand is that we will attack not only N Korea and Iran with nukes but China and Russia as well. We know their zero sum game and are not fooled.

I only pray that all these idiots understand that life on earth will cease except the cockroaches.

Jezzus man!

New replacement soon by Russia:

12-16-2017 05:24 AM  11 months agoPost 2


texas - USA

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I don't think the cold war ever really thawed.

I think the US, China, and Russia might have a chance to clam things down, but the constant threat being created by NK, Iran, and the fact that anti Semitism is on the upswing in Europe will keep tensions high.

Europe has made the decision to import Islam regardless of the cost to its own citizens. This will change government polices forever...and they won't be pro American.

I don't see Europe as our ally in 50 years.

90% of life is "showing up"

12-16-2017 08:09 AM  11 months agoPost 3



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Heck with 50 years, they are not our ally now.

Got to have my cup of heli in the morning.

12-16-2017 03:23 PM  11 months agoPost 4
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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want to see how good of an ally any of them are??? Stop all foreign aid.

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › Cold WAR II has returned with a Vengeance!
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